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Struggling to form a 2021/22 Committee? Contact UKSAA ASAP. See editorial When the well runs dry.

Latest Covid-19 guidance from ArcheryGB What am I allowed to currently do? and BUCS Return to Play

  • Results from BUCS Outdoor championships are available in the BUCS Outdoors section of this site and on ianseo Saturday WA900 and the Sunday 720/H2H events. Results published on Wednesday on ianseo show that Loughborough won the senior team event - the team event was mixed for this year. Cambridge were second and Birmingham were third, with Bristol and Warwick 4th and 5th. Nottingham won the novice team event ahead of Surrey. Christopher Cooper (Loughborough) and Imogen Sullivan-Bell (Winchester) were the individual recurve winners. Full tournament review(s) will follow. [update 18/Jun/21 15:30]

  • "Remembrance of Discs Past" new editorial published. Article looks at some interesting or unusual BUTC KO encounters of recent years. Reminder that BUTC 2021 has been pushed back to the autumn, but students who graduate this summer will also be allowed to shoot. [10/Jun/21 17:00]

  • Oxford beat Cambridge in the 71st Varsity Match, winning both senior and novice team events. [07/Jun/21 12:00]

  • "BUTTS Outdoors happens" new editorial published as BUTTS Outdoors happens, see team results on BUTTS 2020/21 page. Round used was a WA900 to provide an opportunity for those needing a qualifying score for BUCS Outdoors. Warwick win the team event. Hosts Nottingham narrowly see off Oxford to finish second and also win the novice team event. Just over 50 student archers took part, the largest student competition for 14 months. [24/May/21 17:00]

  • FISU have announced that the 2025 Summer World University Games will take place in the Rhine/Ruhr metropolitan region of Germany, see article on their website. The next Summer World University Games will be in Chengdu, China. They were scheduled to be this summer but will now run from 26th June to 7th July 2022. [20/May/21 17:00]

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