E-League for E-veryone [19/Sep/17]

The 2017/18 season began on 1st September when the E-League silently opened for business.

Shoot a Portsmouth (or more than one) before the end of October and submit it to be a part of Round 1. Anything shot under competition conditions, including actual competitions, will do. The first round of results is scheduled to be published on 7th November. There are team and individual titles at stake, promotions and relegations to be fought for or fought off. A, B and C teams are all extracted at senior (mixed team of 4) and novice (mixed team of 3) level as well as recurve, compound, barebow and longbow, senior and novice categories.

UKSAA strongly encourages all clubs to take part, including new clubs and those who have, in E-League terms, been "resting". If no-one has log in details, e-mail the organisers on eleague-maintainer@srcf.ucam.org.

Last season, Birmingham bulldozed their way to their first E-League title, winning four of the five rounds in Division 1 with some very heavy scoring. Warwick and Loughborough were convincingly second and third. Southampton and London were fourth and fifth. Warwick's 11th (consecutive) podium finish is an outright E-League record.

Becky Martin (Bristol) denied second placed Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham) what would have been a fourth individual title on the bounce. Ashe Morgan (Birmingham) won 4 out of 5 legs, but by entering no score for Sep/Oct allowed enough room for Francis Berti (Birmingham) to win overall. Sherman Ip (Warwick) and Sara Rubio (Southampton) were third. Berti becomes the third person to win an overall E-League recurve title without winning an individual round.

Newly added in the E-League section is a breakdown of the all the historical monthly winners, so far for senior teams and gents and ladies senior recurves. Jenny Jeppsson dominates the overall standings with 20 - no-one else is in double figures, although Rebekah Tipping has 9 - five for Aberdeen and four for Birmingham. The most prolific gent was Rhodri Curnow (Swansea) with 8, one ahead of Rob Gray (Nottingham Trent) who won his seventh last year.

Elsewhere BUCS and BUTC are still confirming their hosts and dates in late February and throughout March. More here when available.

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