BUTTS 3 and BUTC latest [31/Jan/18]

BUTC entry deadlines look set to be on 19th February and 5th March. Birmingham, who will host BUTC, are the winners of BUTTS match 3.

Clubs are encouraged to enter BUTC as soon after the entry form goes live as possible. To be considered for the B team draw, entries will have to be received by 13:00 on Monday 19th February. The final final deadline will be 13:00 on Monday 5th March. The mechanics of payment/entry are slightly different this year, with the entry form, information and questionnaire as usual in the BUTC section of this site, but payment being processed by University of Birmingham Sport and Fitness website. Once that becomes available, the form itself will be released. Entry fee is 30/team, see UKSAA's Tournament Info page.

Birmingham have also been in league action, winning BUTTS match 3 on the weekend of the 20th/21st Jan, with a total score of 2308. Warwick held on second with 2287, but it was close, with Loughborough just an arrow value behind on 2277. Loughborough's highest score of the season saw them finish third for the third match on the bounce. Nottingham were fourth on 2234, before a yawning gap of 180 to fifth place.

Warwick may have dropped a point against Birmingham in leg 3, but crucially they avoided dropping two by squeaking ahead of Loughborough. Warwick's overall lead is now 3 points with 2 fixtures to go. Birmingham have taken in enough oxygen to keep the fight alive - for now. A real gap has emerged between the top and bottom halves of BUTTS however, with the difference in aggregate between 4th placed Nottingham and 5th placed Nottingham Trent now 400 points across 3 matches.

Even with archers in Nimes, Birmingham and Warwick both fielded teams all of whom broke at least 560. In fact there were 4 archers each in the 580s and 570s and 5 in the 560s. Conor Hall (Birmingham) just pipped Arthur Coveney (Loughborough) to be top gent 588 to 586. Eleanor Piper (Birmingham) scored 582 to be top lady and with back up from club mates Sam Rees 576 and Jamal Rahman 562 saw the Brummies break 2300. Sherman Ip top scored for Warwick on exactly 580, with Chris Woodgate 575, James Gardner 569 and Enrik Nako 563 making up Warwick's quartet. Elsewhere Chris Cooper (Loughborough) scored 577, with Jamie Goodliffe (Nottingham) on 570 and Ben Evans (Loughborough) 563. James Jeffs (Warwick) scored 561, but did not make Warwick's top four.

The novice match saw Nottingham win comfortably, with some heavy scoring from Edward Dutton 545 and Sesha Shayan 536. Nottingham's team of 4 total was 2071, with Warwick second on 1977, a mere three points ahead of Birmingham. Nottingham now have a maximum 24 points in the novice league, with Birmingham in second on 20, five clear of the field.

See the current BUTTS 2017/18 tables. Results from SSS match 4 and NEUAL matches E4 and W4 from the weekend of the 27th/28th January have not yet appeared.

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