BUSA Indoors 2004 Review

Tournament Results [126kb]

The largest British university competition ever (see last year :)) was held at Leeds Univeristy on Saturday 7th February 2004. 345 archers (87% of the total entered) competed over three sessions in two neighbouring halls - the competition was co-hosted by York and Leeds Uni ACs with ACME helping on the day.

Edinburgh were run away winners with a magnificent total of 2261, with a team comprising Tim Mundon (583), Martin Russell (561), Claudine Jennings (561) and novice Stuart Horswell (556). The fight for second was very closely contested indeed, with Cambridge, Imperial, London and York all within a handful of points. Hosts York eventually came out in second place, just missing out on 2200 by 3 points with a team of Tom Duncan (574), Andrew Ash (555), Dan Parnham (536) and James Wickens (532). Imperial picked up third on 2191 with Sebastian Tsakok (570), David Wilson (562), Paul Stark (536) and Eloise Fowler (523), three points better than Cambridge's 2188 shot with James Keogh (563), Clare Hooley (560), Ian Caulfield (535) and Pamela Custance-Baker (530). ULU finished only four further points behind on 2184 their team comprising Mati Lang (554), Leo Lang (553), Dominic Rebelo (551) and Veronica Bray (526). Loughborough were comfortably sixth with 2170, then came Oxford's 2099, Warwick on 2095. Lancaster and Southampton finished ninth and tenth in a field which had twenty-three complete teams of four.

Gents recurve saw Tim Mundon (Edinburgh) successfully defend his title, the first time this has been done in recent times - his 583 gaining him entry to the exlcusive "580 club" at the third attempt after scoring 579 in both 2003 and 1996. Jon Paradi (Brunel) with 579 was relatively isolated in second. Third placed gents recurve went down to 9s before Peter Walker (Anglia Poly. Uni.) beat Tom Duncan (York) by the narrowest of margins, after Duncan had easily won the morning session. Both archers scored 574. Sebastian Tsakok (Imperial) made exactly 570, whilst Andrew Callaway (Bournemouth) held off Andy Tan (Exeter) 567 to 566 for sixth. Nines were required to separate James Keogh (Cambridge) and Vince Tse (Southampton) afer the pair tied on 563. Dave Herbert (Liverpool) was tenth on 562, two golds ahead of David Wilson (Imperial), one point ahead of Martin Russell (Edinburgh) who rounded off the top dozen of the 136 gents recurves.

In the ladies Marietta Scott (Manchester) added a gold individual medal to her considerable tally with 574, blowing away the competition by fully thirteen points. Second place was fierce contested, with Lorna Provan (Heriot-Watt) pipping Claudine Jennings (Edinburgh) 28 golds to 27 on 561. Clare Hooley [corr.] (Cambridge) a point behind the SUSF pair on 560. Lisa Crumpling's (Loughborough) 555 kept her sixth ahead of the sibling battle for seventh. Mati Lang (ULU) 554 finding that one extra point to beat Leo Lang (ULU) 553.

Edinburgh's novice team demolished a) everyone else, b) all relevant team records and c) all relevant individual records. With a team score of 1625 comprising Stuart Horswell (556), Jenny Jeppsson (544) and Jo Lymboussis (525) , they were exactly150 points clear of Imperial 1475, team comprising Damian Loizeau (514), Mark Wheelhouse (489) and Joe Tricklebank (472). Durham's novices were third with a team of Anna Breitbart (494), Steven Brewer (486) and Ian Rutter (478), giving combined score of 1458. Plymouth were the only other university to break 1400 in a field of nineteen complete novice teams.

Stuart Horswell's (Edinburgh) led home the gent's "Shield" competitors with a record smashing 556, leaving the rest of the field trailing 40 points in his wake. Horswell would have placed 13th gent overall and becomes only the second novice to claim a senior BUSA team winner's medal (and the first at the Indoors) in recent times [corr.]. His place on the team meant no team medals for the massively experienced Edinburgh trio of Alistair Whittingham, Matt Nowicki and Glyn Ball. Damien Loizeau (Imperial) was second with 514, Marek Zenka (Heriot-Watt) third with 509, a point ahead of Ben Tucker (Lancaster). Liam Craddock (Liverpool) was fifth, falling just short of the magic 500. Then followed Paul Ylioja (Bath) 493, Matthew Johnson (Cambridge) 492 in sixth and seventh breaking 490.

The ladies novice division was dominated by clubmates Jenny Jeppsson and Jo Lymboussis (both Edinburgh) with 544 and 525, Jeppsson's 544 would have placed her 8th lady recurve overall and breaks all relevant records. Perhaps almost as remarkable the performance of Vassiliki Karzi (Southampton) who could have broken the Edinburgh stranglehold, but whose 495 featured 5 misses to counteract her 25 golds. Behind the top three came in fourth, Anna Breitbart (Durham) 494, fifth Amy Simpson (Loughborough) 484 and sixth Naomi Crouch (Edinburgh) 481.

In the compound division, Alistair Whittingham (Edinburgh) enjoyed better fortune, winning with 586 from Matt Price's (Nottingham Trent) 573. Jack Pearson (West of England) beat Chris Millar (Edinburgh) to fourth 60 hits to 59, both having recorded 561. Alex Nolan (Warwick) 555 and Michael Ward (York) 553 led the chasing pack. In the ladies compound Gemma Breese (Bradford College)'s 561 was enough to see off Hannah Walton (Edinburgh) 556 and Marianne Tennoe (Edinurgh) 552.

More details about the unrecognised-by-BUSA categories will follow shortly. Alistair Wilson (UW Bangor) again won gents barebow with 527, George Dimitriadis (Leeds) and Michaelo Martinicca (Leeds) providing some cheer for the home fans in second and third. Ladies barebow - details to follow. Gents longbow details to follow. Ladies longbow solo competitor, Kate Todd (York) thashed all the gents recording 60 hits on her way to 410.