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  • SSS 2 and National Rankings 2 - new editorial published. St Andrews win SSS match 2 comfortably with 2269, see results and updated league tables on SSS 2019/20 page. The top sides were well spaced out as Napier were second on 2209, with Edinburgh in third on 2166 and further gaps of around 100 points down to 4th, then 5th, then 6th. St Andrews draw ahead of Napier in the senior table on match aggregate - both teams have 29/30 league points. Napier won the novice match and Edinburgh won the compound match. [14/Nov/19 17:00]

  • Warwick win BUTTS match 1 with a score of 2319. Birmingham are second on 2271, not far ahead of Loughborough on 2258. Nottingham and Oxford were 4th and 5th on 2206 and 2163. De Montfort made their main division debut. Birmingham won the novice match just ahead of Warwick. Skeleton results for BUTTS match 1 have been published on the BUTTS 2019/20 page. [11/Nov/19 12:30]

  • Results from Round 1 of the BUCS EMG-rebooted E-League have been delayed until all clubs have confirmed the gender of their archers. They will be published on the new E-League website. Round 2 of the E-League is November, with the score submission deadline on 5th December. [11/Nov/19 12:30]

  • SSS 1 and National Rankings - new editorial published. Napier won SSS match 1 with a score of exactly 2200, see results now live on the SSS 2019/20 page. Defending champions St Andrews were not far behind in second place, notching 2185, with Edinburgh in third on 2133. Strathclyde were quite a distant fourth. Heriot-Watt won the novice match. Strathclyde won the compound match. Abertay and Glasgow fielded teams. Highlands & Islands (UHI) were also represented for the first time, by a solo compound. [07/Nov/19 17:00]

  • SWWU 1 and Field Champs - new editorial published. Plymouth won the first SWWU match of the season with 2225, see results now live on the SWWU 2019/20 page - and SWWU website. Plymouth pulled just ahead of Bath (2205) and Exeter (2194), with Bristol in fourth on 2168. Plymouth also won the novice match to make it a double, while Swansea won the first ever SWWU compound team match. First All Unis record of the season was broken by barebow Paul Cobee (Bath) who shot 555 to beat the existing record by five, see All Unis records in the Resources section. [04/Nov/19 16:30]

  • Results from the Uni Field Champs have now been published. In the end only BUTTS clubs took part with Cambridge winning the team event. Organiser Jack Atkinson confirmed he is looking at a future event that would be larger and more widely publicised, aimed at all students. [28/Oct/19 11:00]

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