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  • Oxford win BUTTS Outdoor Champs, with Nottingham in second. Results in full are on the BUTTS 2022/23 page. At the BUTTS AGM, there were also quite a few significant updates. Promotion and relegation between Divisions 1 and 2 will come in from 2024/25, with details TBC. The 2023/24 league will have 2 organisers, Charlotte Chard (Nottingham) and Daniel Lewis (Coventry) who will run divisions 1 and 2 respectively. Also, BUTTS is changing its name to the TOUCAN league. TOUCAN stands for Toxophilites Of Universities Central And Nearby. New All Unis record for ladies barebow 50m. [updated 26/May/23 15:00]

  • "Last day drama as Bristol win SWWU" - new editorial article. Results for SWWU matches 6 and 7 have been published, bringing the SWWU season to an exciting close. Bath won match 6 with Bristol second, to go 1 point clear with a big aggregate advantage. However Bristol won match 7 with Bath third, which allowed Bristol to overtake and win the senior SWWU league title. Final results and tables are on the SWWU 2022/23 page. Bath won the novice league and Swansea won the compound league - in both cases with a match to spare. [updated 25/May/23 17:00]

  • Stephen Fawcett has announced he will be stepping down as SEAL organiser after 11 years in the post. To put that in context, there have been more active seasons of SEAL with Fawcett in charge (10) than before he took over (9). [24/May/23 12:30]

  • BUCS Outdoor entry deadline is today, Tuesday 23rd May (at 23:59), see the BUCS Outdoor section of this site and the Event Pages on the BUCS website. The Institution Administrator Approval Deadline is 48 hours later. Entry cost is £23.25 per day per competitor. Qualifying score tables have been updated. [updated 23/May/23 10:30]

  • "Nottingham defend E-League title" - new editorial article. Final results and tables from the E-League 2022/23 have been published, see the E-League section and the E-League website 2022/23 results page. Nottingham win the E-League for the second time with 73 points, Yang Pei (Oxford) and Louisa Piper (Nottingham) were the individual recurve champions - all defending their titles from last season. Behind Nottingham, Oxford were second on 69 points and Warwick were third on 67. Birmingham won the novice team and compound team events. [updated 22/May/23 16:00]

  • Results from BUTTS Field Champs and Cambridge Friendly (both held 14th May) have been published on the BUTTS 2022/23 and the Other Fixtures 2022/23 page. [15/May/23 17:30]

  • "Leeds new NEUAL champions" - new editorial article. NEUAL have released results for match 3, a postal, alongside the results for their Outdoor Championships held in Newcastle on 7th May. Final tables are available on NEUAL 2022/23 page. Starting with match 3, Leeds won this very comfortably and as a result they won the overall NEUAL title for the very first time. Sheffield finished second overall in the table. York and Newcastle were third and fourth, York taking third on aggregate. Newcastle's novices completed a novice clean sweep with victory in match 3, ahead of Leeds, second in the match and second overall. Huddersfield's unsighted team won that match and the first ever unsighted league title. Sheffield were second in the unsighted match and second overall. Leeds also won the Outdoor Champs, with Sheffield second and Liverpool third. Lancaster beat York in Roses match. [updated 12/May/23 17:30]

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