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  • Provisional results from SSS match 5 (held 10th Feb) and SSS Indoor Champs (held 2nd Mar) have both been published together - both were WA18s. Dundee won both fixtures and as a result of the win in match 5, they successfully defend their senior SSS title, see SSS 2023/24 page. Strathclyde were second in both and finish second in the overall table. In the novice table, St Andrews won match 5, with Heriot-Watt in second. Heriot-Watt won the overall SSS novice league title and also won the novice team element of SSS Indoors. Edinburgh completed a clean sweep of compound team wins. [04/Mar/24 18:00]

  • "BUTC 2024 gets a host and date" - new editorial article published. BUTC 2024 will take place in Sheffield on Saturday 20th April. Entry form has not yet been released, but will appear on the BUTC Tournament Info page. [04/Mar/24 13:00]

  • Full results from the BUCS Indoor Regional Qualifiers have been collated and the list of qualifiers for the National Finals is now available on the BUCS website, see links in the BUCS Indoor section of this site. To make the Finals, recurves needed to shoot a Regional Qualifying score of 521/502 (gents/ladies) or more. In other bowstyles the minimum scores that made the cut were (gents/ladies): compound 570/565, barebow 423/416 and longbow 238/261. [04/Mar/24 10:00]

  • Provisional result from TOUCAN match 2 and TOUCAN div 2 match 3 now both available on the TOUCAN 2023/24 page. Nottingham win the div 1 match with 2284, just 15 ahead of Oxford's 2269. Loughborough grabbed third spot ahead of Warwick 2198 to 2193. Warwick won the novice match very comfortably from Nottingham in second. With 3 matches now in, Nottingham are top of the TOUCAN table by 1 league point from Oxford, the pair with almost identical 3 match aggregates, setting up a showdown at BUTTS Indoor Champs next weekend. Meanwhile Leicester won the div 2 match by exactly 100 from Lincoln and also won the novice match. Leicester lead both tables by 4 points with 1 to play. [02/Mar/24 20:00]

  • Results for a NEUAL fixture have been extracted from the BUCS Qualifiers, see NEUAL 2023/24 page. Top team scores from the match itself were: 1st Sheffield 2219, 2nd Leeds 2207, 3rd Lancaster 2200, 4th Liverpool 2114. Sheffield have 40 points, with Leeds on 38, the pair well out in front of the field. Sheffield won the novice fixture by well over 100 and they top the novice table from Liverpool, who were second in the match. UCLan won the Unsighted team match by just under 100 and now have a 7 point league lead. [29/Feb/24 16:30]

  • Results from SEAL match 4 have been extracted from the BUCS Qualifiers, see SEAL 2023/24 page. Top team scores from the match itself were: 1st UEA 2218, 2nd Southampton 2209, 3rd Imperial 2206, 4th Surrey 2170. Imperial now have 55 points, with Southampton and Surrey both on 53. Southampton won the novice fixture very narrowly from Surrey and those two have now gone first and second in the novice table. [28/Feb/24 17:00]

  • Organisers shortly hope to confirm that BUTC 2024 will take place on Saturday 20th April. A host university is in place and will be announced at the same time. Organisers recognise the date is not ideal as it will fall in most universities' Easter holidays, but it has been driven by necessity. It should avoid most universities' exam times. See BUTC Tournament Info page. [28/Feb/24 14:00]

  • Advance notice for 2025, that the pre-qualifying scores needed to enter BUCS Indoors Regional Qualifying will be changing in line with the latest update from ArcheryGB, see BUCS Indoor Champs Qualification page. This change has no bearing on the 2024 event. There will now be separate men's and women's required scores. To enter BUCS Indoor Regional Qualifying in 2025, experienced recurves will need a score of 437 (gents) or 399 (ladies), replacing the existing mark of 400. [27/Feb/24 19:30]

  • Provisional result from TOUCAN match 3 available on the TOUCAN 2023/24 page. Oxford win the match with 2288, ahead of Nottingham's 2260. Warwick scored 2214 in third place. Birmingham (2173) and Nottingham Trent (2158) were fourth and fifth. After results from matches 1 and 3 only, Oxford and Nottingham lead the table on 17 points, with almost matching aggregates. Warwick won the novice match. Nottingham were second in the novice match and go top of the novice table. [25/Feb/24 18:00]

  • "Calm before the (results) storm" - new editorial article published about the remaining BUCS qualifiers and associated regional league fixtures. [23/Feb/24 17:00]

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