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  • Results from E-League Round 4, February, have now been published, see the E-League page. Birmingham win the round, with a very narrow win over Warwick in second place and drawing level at the top of the table as a result. Round 5 will be a straight shoot out between them for the title. Loughborough and Southampton were third and fourth in the round and overall. Full results, team and individual, are on the E-League website. [21/Mar/18 22:00]

  • See the BUTC Tournament Info page, Facebook and Twitter for the latest BUTC team list updates. If one (or both) of your teams has to withdraw from BUTC for any reason then please contact the hosts immediately. There have been two withdrawals so far, which means Nottingham B and Surrey B have been promoted from the waiting list. The top of the waiting list now reads Cardiff B then Swansea B then Keele B. [20/Mar/18 21:30]

  • Calculators out for SEAL thriller - editorial published covering SEAL match 5 and the closest finish to any regional league campaign ever. SEAL 2017/18 tables and results have now been updated. Imperial won the match itself with 2189, with Sussex second on 2145 ahead of both London (2136) and Southampton (2108). This precise combination sandwiched Imperial, Southampton and London back all together on 69 league points each. Imperial, in 3rd place, 3 league points and 41 behind on aggregate going in to the match, came out of it as champions with 10,838, just 40 ahead of Southampton who were themselves a mere 5 ahead of London. Imperial's novices won the novice match to complete a clean sweep. [updated 19/Mar/18 23:00]

  • BUCS Indoor 2018 Finals - review editorial published. BUCS Indoor National Finals were held in Bristol on 11th March. See latest UKSAA info on BUCS Indoors 2018 page - 4.5 All Unis records broken, plus Archive page updated. Birmingham (women's) and Warwick (men's) won the respective team titles, with the same two clubs claiming the corresponding silver team medals. In the men's team event, Loughborough were third and Plymouth fourth. Edinburgh were fifth men's and third women's team. Nottingham and Central Lancashire completed the ladies team top 5. Ben Trudgill (Exeter) beat Conor Hall (Birmingham) in the men's recurve final. Pip Taylor (Derby) beat Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham) in the women's. Compound winners were Chris Cassells (Aberystwyth) and Sarah Prieels (Edinburgh), longbow winners were Alex Newnes (Aberystwyth) and Jessica Nirkko (Edinburgh) and barebow winners were Lonja Selter (Plymouth) and Sarah Shahzad (Bournemouth). [updated 13/Mar/18 16:00]

  • SWWU match 2 has been extracted from the BUCS Qualifying scores. Plymouth win a SWWU fixture outright for the first time ever, scoring 2208. They were followed by Exeter (2169), Swansea (2128) and Bristol (2114). Results and tables updated on SWWU 2017/18 page. Bangor added to SWWU as well. Swansea win the novice match. Exeter lead Plymouth by 1 in senior table. In novice table Swansea lead Bristol on match aggregate. [09/Mar/18 16:30]

  • Preliminary set of results have now emerged for SSS match 5, shot on 17th Feb. Edinburgh (2249) look to have won the match with St Andrews (2150) second and Strathclyde third (2046), with the teams finishing in the same order in the overall table. Edinburgh also won the novice match and compound match to complete respective clean sweeps in these SSS divisions. SSS 2017/18 tables will be updated once results are confirmed. [09/Mar/18 09:00]

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