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  • BUCS Outdoors Saturday WA720/H2H headlines: Cheung Sum Hin (Sheffield) and Megan Costall (Birmingham) win recurve H2Hs, beating Wills Chiu (Warwick) and Natasha Homer (Edinburgh) in their respective finals. Morgan Donaldson (Sunderland) beat Kim Minseok (Southampton) with Roisin Mooney (Bristol) beat Louisa Piper (Nottingham) for recurve bronzes. Compound H2H winners were Jake Walsh (Edinburgh) and Layla Annison (East Anglia). Barebow H2H winners were Daniel Kilgallon (UCLan) and Ilia Sediq (Loughborough). Sunday WA900 headlines: Cheung Sum Hin won with Morgan Donaldson second and Alex Williams (Bristol) third. Louisa Piper won ladies recurve, with Megan Costall second and Natasha Homer third. Compound and barebow titles were won by the same archers as the day before. More details to follow. Links to the ianseo pages are in the BUCS Outdoors section of UKSAA. [updated 10/Jun/24 11:00]

  • "Bradford on the brink" - new editorial published. [07/Jun/24 17:30]

  • "Bath hold on to take SWWU title" - new editorial published. Bath are confirmed as SWWU 2023/24 champions, following results from SWWU match 9, now published alongside final standings on the SWWU 2023/24 page. Bristol hosted and won the fixture itself, a WA720 on 19th May. However, Bath finished second and thus they held on to win the overall SWWU league title with 85 league points to Bristol's 84. Bristol won the novice match and the SWWU novice title, both comfortably. Exeter finished third in the overall SWWU standings and won the SWWU compound league. [updated 30/May/24 13:00]

  • "NEUAL crowns its champions" - new editorial published. NEUAL match 3 and Outdoor Championship results have been released, alongside the final league tables, see NEUAL 2023/24 page. Sheffield won match 3 by over 100 points with 2225. Lancaster and Leeds were next on 2118 and 2113. UCLan were fourth on 2102. The result means that Sheffield win the overall NEUAL title with 99 league points. Leeds were runners up on 94, ahead of Liverpool (83) and York (80). Sheffield also won the novice match comfortably with 1439 to win the overall NEUAL novice title as well. Liverpool were clear runners up in the match and in the table. UCLan won the Unsighted team fixture, with Keele winning the overall NEUAL unsighted team league. In the separate NEUAL Outdoor Champs, Leeds pipped Sheffield to top spot, with scores aggregated across a WA720 and WA900. Sheffield won the novice team event and UCLan won the unsighted team event and there were 3 [corr.] All Unis records broken. [updated 15/May/24 18:00]

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