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  • Published results for BUTTS match 1 now available on BUTTS 2022/23 page. Nottingham win the opening fixture of the campaign with 2274. Oxford edge Warwick to second 2256-2251, with Birmingham fourth on 2201. Birmingham win the novice match. [06/Dec/22 10:30]

  • Provisional results for SEAL match 2. Surrey pip East Anglia by only two points 2139-2137, Imperial third and Anglia Ruskin fourth. East Anglia win novice matches. [05/Dec/22 10:30]

  • E-League (& Summer Rankings) now have a new website, details in the E-League section. Reminder that score submissions deadline for E-League Round 2 November, is 7th December. Also you can read "November wrap up - most of it" and "November wrap up - rest of it" - new editorial articles. These include reviews of E-League Round 1, SSS match 3, SEAL match 1 and SWWU match 2. Reviews of NEUAL match 1 (& Novice Champs) and BUTTS match 1 will take place once they have concluded this weekend. [updated 02/Dec/22 16:30]

  • Results from SWWU match 2 (26 Nov) published on SWWU 2022/23 page. Match is a narrow win for Exeter who score 2123, to beat Bristol by only 6 points, with Bath a little further behind on 2075. Exeter overtake Bath at the top of the senior SWWU table as a result. Bath win the novice match, Swansea the compound match. [02/Dec/22 12:00]

  • Results from NEUAL Novice Championships (26 Nov) published on NEUAL 2022/23 page. Newcastle win, with Leeds in second, Liverpool and York third and fourth. Huddersfield win unsighted team category. [01/Dec/22 12:30]

  • Results from SEAL match 1 (26/27 Nov): Southampton pip East Anglia to top spot by 7 points, scoring 2132. UEA are second with 2125 and win novice match. Imperial are third on 2094, Anglia Ruskin on 2084 and Surrey fifth on 2073. Full results on SEAL 2022/23 page page. [01/Dec/22 12:30]

  • ArcheryGB and BUCS have announced that no British archers will attend the 2023 World University Games in Chengdu, China, see statement on ArcheryGB website. The next WUSG is in 2025 in the Rhine/Ruhr region of Germany. [28/Nov/22 15:30]

  • BUTC 2022 review now published. BUTC 2022 was won by Warwick with the last arrow of the final 13-12 against first time finalists Sheffield. Nottingham beat Leeds in the bronze medal match 14-11. The tournament, which was hosted by Loughborough, returned to the calendar after a 3 and a half year gap. [updated 25/Nov/22 16:30]

  • See SSS 2022/23 page, SSS match 3, held on a Worcester on Sat 19th Nov, provisional results published. Dundee win with 1032, Heriot-Watt second on 994. St Andrews and Strathclyde were third and fourth. St Andrews won the novice match, Edinburgh won the compound match. With their rivals taking points away from each other, this result will leave Dundee 6 points clear at the top of the senior SSS table over the Festive period. [updated 25/Nov/22 16:30]

  • The information for the BUCS Indoor Regional Events is now live on the BUCS website [external link]. Changes from last year include: location of the BUCS Northern Venue, the inclusion of WA18 qualification scores and a 3 spot target option for experienced recurve archers. Student/Competitor entry deadline is 23:59 on Tue 17th Jan 2023. Institution Administrator Deadline 48 hours later. Pre-Qualifying scores remain unchanged. [23/Nov/22 18:00]

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