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  • "It's E-League time" - new editorial article published. E-League organisers have announced that for 2020/21, the overall monthly structure will remain the same. There are a couple of minor rule alterations however, with full details in the E-League section of the UKSAA website and on the E-League website itself. A parallel Half Portsmouth E League is also in operation for this season only. All score submission deadlines have been moved back from the 5th to the 7th of the following month. Round 1 scores must have been shot by Saturday 31st October and must have been submitted to the E-League by Saturday 7th November. [updated 27/Oct/20 11:00]

  • "BUCS, BUTC Champs Latest" - new editorial article. Hopefully the title is self-explanatory, this article looks at bidding to host BUTC, BUCS Indoors dates and locations plus personnel changes to the BUCS Events Management Group (EMG) for Archery. [14/Oct/20 15:00]

  • SSS have announced that the entire Scottish league program for 2020/21 will be postal, taking the form of a 5 round E-League, each round running for a fortnight. There will be two rounds before Christmas and three after, see the 2020/21 Calendar page. Round 1 scores are to be shot between Monday 16th and Sunday 29th November. BUTTS is likely to move in the same direction. SWWU had already announced that its first round, running for the month of November, will be postal. [13/Oct/20 12:00]

  • The outstanding hosts for BUCS Indoors Qualifying and the National Finals 2021 have now been named. The Central Qualifier will take place in Manchester on Sat 13th Feb and the Northern Qualifier at Napier on Sat 20th Feb. This is completes an identical hosting line up to last year. Warwick are scheduled to host the National Finals on Sat 13th Mar. The Southern Regional Qualifier will take place in Bristol on Sun 21st Feb. See 2020/21 Calendar page and BUCS Indoors section. [updated 12/Oct/20 12:00]

  • The deadline for bids to host BUTC 2021 has been announced as 17:00 on Thursday 29th October. The preferred date for the tournament itself is the weekend of 27th/28th March 2021. Clubs who are interested (or think they might be interested) should contact UKSAA. More detailed information is available on the Tournament Info and Hosting Info pages. [09/Oct/20 12:00]

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