The E-League

BUCS E-League


  • BUCS EMG Virtual Competitions Organiser: Jordanna Marsh
  • All clubs must sign up using this Sign Up Form
    • Only 1 person from each club needs to sign up
    • Individuals at Universities without a club please also use the link to register
  • To submit scores, clubs should update the appropriate tab of the shared spreadsheet that they were sent a link to
  • All A teams go into Division 1. B and C teams go into Division 2
  • Currently: season complete
  • Most recent results and overall standings: 2022/23 Round 5 March - final standings

Annual Timetable

    Score to be shot Submit scores by Results published by
    Round 1 1st September - 31st October 7th November TBC November
    Round 2 1st - 30th November 7th December TBC December
    Round 3 1st December - 31st January 7th February TBC February
    Round 4 1st - 28/29th February 7th March TBC March
    Round 5 1st - 31st March 7th April TBC April