Neil Rogers (BUCS Head of International Programmes)
Claire Powell (BUCS International Administrator)
Ed Curran (BUCS Sports Manager for Archery) | FISU Archery


  • There is no event in summer 2024

  • 2025 (32nd) Summer Universiade will take place in Rhine/Ruhr, Germany - Archery at the Dusseldorf Arena-Sportpark
  • Games will run from Wednesday 16th July to Sunday 27th July 2025 - Archery events TBC
  • Tournament website


  • As of 5th July 2022, ArcheryGB expect qualification scores to remain at
    • Recurves: three scores at 70m of 636/605 (men/women)
    • Compounds: three scores at 50m of 680/661 (men/women)
  • Eligibility - Competitors for the UK team must usually be:
    • At least 17 and less than 28 years of age (from 2019, maximum of 25 years of age)
    • A UK national. Non-UK students at UK universities should contact their "home" equivalent of BUCS.
    • Either officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a university or similar institute or have obtained their academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the event.

Future Events

  • 2024 - no event
  • 2025 - (32nd) Summer World University Games (Rhine/Ruhr, Germany)
  • 2026 - no event
  • 2027 - (33rd) Summer World University Games (Chungcheong, South Korea)
  • 2028 - no event
  • 2029 - (34th) Summer World University Games (North Carolina, USA)


  • 2023 (31st) Summer World University Games (Chengdu, China) DNS
  • 2019 (30th) Summer World University Games (Naples, Italy) Squad, Website, ianseo results
  • 2017 (29th) Summer World University Games (Taipei, Taiwan) Squad, Website, ianseo results
  • 2016 (11th) World University Champs (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) Squad, ianseo results
  • 2015 (28th) Summer World University Games (Gwangju, South Korea) Squad, Website, ianseo results
  • 2014 (10th) World University Champs (Legnica, Poland) Squad, ianseo results, Postcard (from Amyce Aurora-Smith)
  • 2012 (9th) World University Champs (Cordoba, Spain) DNS
  • 2011 (26th) Summer World University Games (Shenzhen, China) DNS
  • 2010 (8th) World University Champs (Shenzhen, China) Squad, ianseo results
  • 2009 (25th) Summer World University Games (Belgrade, Serbia) Squad
  • 2008 (7th) World University Champs (Tainan, Taiwan) Squad, Postcard
  • 2006 (6th) World University Champs (Vinicne, Slovakia) Squad
  • 2005 (23rd) Summer World University Games (Izmir, Turkey) Squad, Photos, Postcard (from Andrew Callaway)
  • 2004 (5th) World University Champs (Madrid, Spain) Squad, Photos
  • 2003 (22nd) Summer World University Games (Daegu, South Korea) Squad
  • 2002 (4th) World University Champs (Chonburi, Thailand) Squad, Postcard (from Dave Spinner)
  • 2000 (3rd) World University Champs (Madrid, Spain) Squad
  • 1998 (2nd) World University Champs (Taoyuan, Taiwan) Squad
  • 1996 (1st) World University Champs (Vaulx-en-Velin, France) Squad

Other Information

World University Games v World University Archery Championships.

The World University Games or Universiade is a multi-sport event that takes place every 2 years (in odd numbered years) with core and guest sports. There is a Summer and a Winter Universiade. Non-core sports usually have a stand alone World University Championships held every 2 years (in even numbered years). However, if a sport is a guest sport for a three consecutive Universiades it becomes a compulsory sport, with the separate World University Championship discontinued.

FITA announced in June 2012 that archery becomes a compulsory Universiade sport from 2019 onwards. (FITA, FISU). The final World Uni Archery Champs took place in 2016.

In 2020, FISU dropped the name "Universiade" in favour of "World University Games".