BUCS Indoors 2016 Review

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BUCS Indoors 2016 took place on Saturday 6th February, once again at The International Centre in Telford. There were a total of 669 student starters, with the tournament significantly oversubscribed and clubs limited to 17 archers.

Warwick retained their gents team title, scoring 1718, fourteen ahead of Edinburgh who picked up silver. Birmingham were third on 1694, with Lancaster and Loughborough in fourth and fifth on 1688 and 1674. The gap between 6th and 9th was a mere 5 points, with Oxford claiming sixth spot on 1657. Southampton beat Nottingham Trent by one 1654 to 1653, with London missing out on BUCS points on 1652. 5 of the top 8 gents teams came from BUTTS, whilst SEAL contributed 4 of the top 11. Portsmouth (who just fell short of 1650), Imperial and Swansea rounded off the top dozen of no less than 50 gents teams, with the next 4 teams all in the 1610s.

The ladies team category was won by Nottingham who edged past Birmingham 1647 to 1640. Birmingham's second place is their best ever finish in this event. Three teams battled it out for bronze. Edinburgh and London both finished on 1622, but a miss for English side proved the difference, with Warwick just two behind on 1620. Southampton were sixth on 1613 with Loughborough behind them on 1601. BUTTS clubs took 4 of the top 7 spots here. Lancaster took 8th and the last BUCS point on 1589. Behind Lancaster there was a 70 point drop down to Aberystwyth and Surrey the last two over 1500. Oxford and Cambridge ladies teams needed hits to be split, the Dark Blues edging ahead, the pair a point ahead of Napier. There were 41 ladies teams.

There is now one year's worth of comparison data for the mixed team of 3 categories, both team records surviving. In 2016, 6 of the top 8 teams were same in both genders. Birmingham have only ever finished as high as 3rd at BUCS Indoors in 2014, but the 2016 vintage won team bronze and team silver. Edinburgh won the reverse combination of team medals - their most recent BUCS Indoors win was in 2011. Both sides look well placed for BUTC. Nottingham's consistancy won the ladies event, with no score higher than 550, whilst Warwick became the first club to defend a gender-specific team title. Portsmouth's gents (10th) and Aberystwyth's ladies (9th) recorded all time best team finishes at UK uni level. Lancaster's gents (4th) is their best for over 20 years.

Novice teams were mixed teams of 3 as before, but with the championships taking place earlier in the year than usual, there were only two teams over the 1500 barrier, compared to 10 in 2013 and 2014. Regardless of the timings, Southampton took the title, scoring 1570 to run a full 60 points clear of their nearest competition. Warwick took second place on 1510. The top teams were a little spread out, with bronze medals for Bradford on 1496, ten ahead of Birmingham who were fourth. Surrey scored 1465, with Exeter on 1456. Loughborough, Cambridge and Swansea all finished in the 1440s, ahead of Reading and Napier. There were 43 novice teams.

For the first time, BUCS Indoors included a compound team event. The format was team of two, mixed and this helped create a field of 12 teams. Edinburgh dominated this category with a score of 1173. Swansea finished 2 ahead of Warwick on 1152 to take silver, with Cardiff in fourth.

Tom Hall (Warwick) has won 3 straight individual BUCS bronzes (Outdoors '14, Both '15) but scored an excellent 591 to upgrade to gold this time around. Hall became only the seventh recurve archer to break 590 at BUCS Indoors Champs. Jack Masefield (Derby), fresh from breaking the All Unis record for Bray I the previous week, was clear in second with 587, with ex-London archer Sherman Ip (Oxford) was clear in third place with 580. Masefield's silver is the first individual medal won by a Derby recurve at a BUCS Indoors. Ip was seven behind Masefield, but seven ahead of Francis Berti (Birmingham) who picked up a BUCS point for his side with 573 at the front of the peloton. James Jeffs (Warwick) was fifth on 572, with Tom Wilson (Lancaster) on 571. Keith Roberson (Northumbria) and Louis Richardson (Loughborough) could not be split on 570 with 35 golds. The next four gents, scoring between 569 and 567, were all from Edinburgh. A total of 21 were at 560 or more.

Jaspreet Sagoo (East London) won the ladies recurve title - the first ever such title or indeed medal for her fledgling club. Sagoo's total of 575 was enough for a six point winning margin. Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham) was second with 569 and joins a select group of those who have won BUCS medals (in her case both team and individual) for two different universities. One behind on 568, Madeleine Meatyard (Warwick) added individual bronze here to her medal of the same colour from Lilleshall 2015. A further point behind was Johanna Meyer (Edinburgh) who was third at Telford last year, but at least had the consolation of picking up a BUCS point in fourth. Behind this group, Catherine Jackson (Birmingham) and Sara Rubio (Southampton) were 5th and 6th on 560 and 559. Kate Carter (Loughborough) scored 556, three ahead of Bertina Chan (London), with Laura Hodgkinson (Lancaster) on 551. Sarah Warner (Loughborough) rounded off top 10 on 550, level on points with Elisa Gradwohl (Nottingham), with Gradwohl's two team mates just behind her.

The novice recurve categories were both won by dominant individual performances. Jon Arnarson (Southampton) and Fiona Inglis (Edinburgh) both ended up contributing to their respective senior teams, with Arnarson's 558 breaking the existing BUCS record and Inglis' 529 landing her with a senior bronze team medal. Inglis was the only Edinburgh novice at the event. Behind the winners, Antonio Rubino (Cambridge) picked up second place gent novice with 532, while Freddie Marshall (Bradford) pipped Tom Macarthur (Heriot-Watt) to the bronze 525 playing 523. Ye-Sheen Lim (London) and Tim Spankie (Birmingham) were next on 519. In the ladies novices, club mates Gillian Yu and Nicole Tang (both Warwick) secured the other medas, narrowly squeezing Asmaq Bukhari (Sunderland) in to fourth, all three women scoring in the 490s. Yu shot 496, with Tang on 494 and Bukhari one more behind. Lucy Homewood (East Anglia) and Nicole Almond (Swansea) led the chasing pack. Fifteen novices broke 500.

In ladies compound, Sarah Prieels (Edinburgh) scored a magnificent 590 to break the previous BUCS/All Unis, shot at Telford in 2012, by a full 3 points. Prieels was 7 clear of Hope Greenwood (Edinburgh). This is Greenwood's fourth consecutive individual silver in this event. Third and fourth were Rebecca Blewett (Nottingham) and Erin Prior (Coventry) back in the 560s. The top 5 lady compounds were spread over 40 points. In comparison, the top 5 gents were spread over 2 points. Harrison Ooi (Edinburgh) claimed gold on 579, with Pip Tucknott (Edinburgh) and William Shackley (Swansea) tied second on 578 and 38 golds, with defending champion Fraser Chape (Robert Gordon) and Chris Woodgate (Warwick) also tied, this time for 4th on 577 and 37 golds. Remarkbly Tucknott and Shackley were also tied for a medal here 12 months ago. Top novice was Luke Suess (Exeter) who scored 539 to win by 1. There were 48 compounds in total.

With 167 entrants, barebow's participation levels soared yet further. Gents barebow saw an extraordinary performance from the barebows of one club. With BUCS points for the top 4 archers, the top 4 were Hugh Pearce, Liam Man, Yangzi Liu and Jorge Salas (all Bath). Pearce took the individual title on 506. Elizabeth Rees (Bath) scored 515 and won ladies barebow for the third year in a row, four ahead of Jennifer Mankin (Sussex) who was second for the second year in a row. Elizabeth Barnes (Portsmouth) and Sasha Richards (Aberystwyth) were third and fourth on 505 and 500. Faheem Mirza (Warwick) won gents novice barebow comfortably with 501 nearly 40 ahead of his rivals. The top lady novice barebow was Silje Terland (Aberystwyth) who's score of 486 won by just over 30 points and gave her a new BUCS record in the process.

Last year, both BUCS expierenced longbow records were broken. This year it happened again. Alex Newnes (Aberystwyth) scored 472 and Emily Williams (South Wales) 447 to see both marks improved by 8 points. In Williams' case she broke her own BUCS record, which is also an All Unis record. Ian Fleming (MMU Cheshire) and Helen Woodcock (Central Lancs) took the senior silver medals. Zachary Spence (Loughborough) was top novice on 313. There were a total of 23 longbows in competition.

With Telford's International Centre full to bursting yet again, 2016 BUCS Indoors was another demonstration of the strength and depth of student archery in the UK. As ever, thanks go to the organisers, the AFS crew, TamlynScore and the members of Bradford and Liverpool. As last year, SEAL, SWWU and NEUAL will extract match results from these scores.

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