BUCS Indoor Champs Qualification

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Qualification Process

Archers must first shoot a minimum Pre-Qualifying score, in a competition, or under competition conditions.

If they do, they become eligible to enter Regional Qualifying. Scores shot at Regional Qualifying (Portsmouths) determine who qualifies for the National Finals (WA18m, then H2H).

Minimum Pre-Qualifying Scores

The table below shows the Pre-Qualifying scores that apply in 2023:

M/F ExperiencedPortsmouth (& WA18)400481243218
M/F NovicePortsmouth (& WA18)277336150128

Regional Qualification Venues

In 2017, BUCS Indoors introduced Regional Qualification, initially two events (Northern and Southern), but adding a third (Central) in 2020. The 2021 event was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Year-Northern QCentral QSouthern Q-Finals
2023-StirlingManchester MetBristol-Warwick
2022-Edinburgh NapierManchester MetBristol-Warwick
2021-Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
2020-Edinburgh NapierManchesterBristol-Warwick
2019-Edinburgh Napier-K2 Crawley-Leeds
2018-Central Lancashire-K2 Crawley-Bristol
2017-Sheffield-K2 Crawley-Bristol


Pre-Qualifying scores were introduced in 2013.

Regional Qualifying Events were introduced in 2017, with Pre-Qualifying scores feeding in to them.