E-League 2002 to Present Day

* indicates DNS for 1 round

2022/23 Nottingham7311447 Yang Pei (Oxford)962921 Louisa Piper (Nottingham)1002926
Oxford6911391 Max Harding (Nottingham)812858 Hannah Evans (Nottingham)922877
Warwick6711328 Callum Henfrey (Oxford)812838 Ecaterina Pogorenii (Oxford)822818
2021/22 Nottingham7311538 Yang Pei (Oxford)952939 Louisa Piper (Nottingham)1002959
Oxford6911494 James Woodgate (Warwick)792374* Hannah Evans (Nottingham)922888
Warwick6811475 Alex Rowe (Plymouth)752888 Zoe Harley (Oxford)812833
2020/21Not held due to coronavirus
2019/20* Warwick609305William Pike (Warwick)802368Sarah Allaway (Warwick)712293
Birmingham539170Christopher Woodgate (Warwick)622318Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham)702291
Oxford448910James Gardner (Warwick)572301Ffion Edgeley (De Montfort)622262

In 2019/20 the E-League was renewed, with one open-ended division for A teams with B and C teams in Division 2. Points were allocated 15-14-13... giving a maxiumum of 75. * Except for 2019/20 where coronavirus caused the cancellation of Round 5, thus maximum 60 for teams and 80 for individuals. Tables also showed aggregate rather than average.

In 2018/19 the then-current E-League website stopped being updated after 3 rounds only.

incomplete results
Warwick292332.33William Pike (Warwick)56585.33Eleanor Piper (Birmingham)57586.33
Birmingham282328.67Sherman Ip (Warwick)53584.33Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham)56585.33
Loughborough182011.67Enrik Nako (Warwick)53584Harriet Kelsey (Nottingham)48570.33
2017/18 Birmingham482336.4Tom Hall (Warwick)98593.4Eleanor Piper (Birmingham)98589.2
Warwick472343.8William Pike (Warwick)94590.8Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham)93580.8
Loughborough392261.4Conor Hall (Birmingham)93590.4Hannah Burnage (Warwick)87574.6
2016/17 Birmingham492329.4Francis Berti (Birmingham)93589.8Becky Martin (Bristol)98580.8
Warwick442291Ashe Morgan (Birmingham)80476.2*Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham)94577
Loughborough402267.8Sherman Ip (Warwick)79580.2Sara Rubio (Southampton)89573.2

In 2016/17, Divison 1 returned to 10 teams, with points 10-9-8..., giving a maximum of 50.

2015/16 Warwick432285.2Tom Hall (Warwick)94585.2Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham)91568.6
Southampton392278.6Andrew Howe (Southampton)93584.4Sara Rubio (Southampton)90566.8
Loughborough311819.4*Dominic Collis (London)82578.6Ally Miller (Southampton)87565.2

In 2015/16, Divison 1 went to 9 teams, with points 9-8-7..., giving a maximum of 45. Individual tables unaffected.

2014/15 Warwick482290.2Robert Gray (Nottingham Trent)96590.8Rebekah Tipping (Aberdeen)93567.2
London382252.6Gareth Fleming (Queen Margaret)94590.6Bridget Evans (London)85562
Southampton372254.2Tom Hall (Warwick)83580.8Maryia Karpiyevich (Cambridge)85561.6
2013/14 Southampton472278Gareth Fleming (Queen Margaret)98589.8Rebekah Tipping (Aberdeen)95575.4
Warwick462275.8Alex Hickson (Bath)95586.6Gerda Pociūnaitė (Exeter)88569.8
Cambridge342243Andrew Howe (Southampton)90583Madeleine Meatyard (Warwick)80564.4
2012/13 Warwick482283.4Gareth Fleming (Queen Margaret)94585.4Maryia Karpiyevich (Cambridge)87560.6
Edinburgh422258.8Thomas Cram (Loughborough)86580.6Sarah Russell (Birmingham)86557.6
Loughborough412250.2Sherman Ip (London)80580.2Victoria Saduikis (Queen Mary)77553.8
2011/12 Edinburgh452279.4Matthew Langton (Oxford)84579.6Rachael Hutchison (Warwick)91565.8
Warwick442279.8Erik Rowbotham (Edinburgh)83579.6Heather Reynolds (Cambridge)83562.2
Southampton412257Sam Bird (Southampton)74576.2Lizzie Bell (Edinburgh)78563
2010/11 Edinburgh492302George Harding (Nottingham)95587.2Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh)100584.6
Warwick442281.8Michael Judd (Essex)89584.2Heather Reynolds (Cambridge)85566.2
Nottingham422273.8Sam Bird (Southampton)88584.4Miglė Petruškevičiūtė (Edinburgh)70457.8*
2009/10 Edinburgh482300.2Matt Sharpe (Surrey)99590.4Kyshiea George-Steele (Edinburgh)97580.8
Loughborough402253.2Mathew Cole (Loughborough)85580.2Naomi Jones (Edinburgh)91567.8
Warwick402252Matt Dale (Warwick)79578Julie Chenery (Reading)81557.8
2008/09 Edinburgh492305.6George Harding (Nottingham)96586.2Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh)100582
Warwick462293.4Matt Sharpe (Surrey)93584.4Elizabeth Williams (Edinburgh)89570.6
Nottingham402272.6Phil King (Warwick)74579Kyshiea George-Steele (Edinburgh)86569
2007/08 Edinburgh502324.6Rhodri Curnow (Swansea)99589.6Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh)100586.4
Warwick452285.8Colin Geenes (Coventry)89584.2Julie Chenery (Warwick)95566.2
Cambridge382219.2Alex Lamb (Edinburgh)82583.6Kyshiea George-Steele (Edinburgh)88559.6
2006/07 Edinburgh492309.2Ric Whalley (Cambridge)83576.8Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh)97576.6
Cambridge462293.8Robert Fryers (Cambridge)81575Georgina Porter (York)85549
Warwick402264.6Andrew Ward (Edinburgh)78467.6*Emma Downie (Edinburgh)79462.4*

* indicates DNS for 1 round

From 2006/07 onwards, the competition returned to 5 rounds, (Sep/Oct, Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb and Mar) with 10-9-8... points per round. Promotion/Relegation at the end of each season, plus full individual competition, with 20-19-18... points per round.

2005/06 Edinburgh392281.5Alex Lyne (Loughborough)60567.75Emma Downie (Edinburgh)78577
Cambridge372254Ian Caulfield (Cambridge)58568Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh)75570
Imperial282196.75Gregor Schnuer (Edinburgh)56566.25Lorna Provan (Heriot-Watt)73568.75

The current version of the E-League started in 2005/06. The Divisional structure was shaped in to 10-15-15-15, plus an open ended Conference Division. Universities were limited to A, B and C teams with Division 1 only open to A teams. In the 2005/06 season, there were only 4 rounds, with Sept/Oct round (in combination with the previous year's BUSA scores) being used to help allocate teams to their respective divisions. At the end of each season, teams could be promoted and relegated within this Divisional structure. Also a full individual competition for all bowstyles, now including recurve, is recorded for the first time, with points awarded 20-19-18...

2004/05Not held
2003/04 Edinburgh402305.8
2002/03 Edinburgh502292.8

In 2002/03, there was the familiar 5 round structure (Sep/Oct, Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb and Mar) with 10-9-8... points per round. A teams contested in two (and a bit) divisions of 9, whilst B teams had their own separate league, and there was another league for lower teams. In 2003/04 the top division was reduced to eight teams with 8-7-6... points available, again over 5 rounds. For these two seasons, there was no record of a separate individual recurve competition, although individual competition for the minor bowstyles do exist.