Postcard from Taiwan 2008

Recurves Andrew Callaway (Bourenmouth) and Emma Downie (Edinburgh) plus compounds Phil Glover (Loughborough) and Stephanie Crang (Gloucestershire) are in Taiwan on World Uni Archery Champs duty for GB. Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh) is shooting for Sweden.

7th World Uni Archery Champs in Tainan, Taipei, July 2008

Days 5-6, Thursday 10th-Friday 11th

[Classic case of the aeroplane home beating the postcard - Ed.]

We made it home eventually- almost wearing out John's deck of cards passing the time en route. The closing banquet was a good end to the week, with after-buffet entertainment provided by whichever country the DJ chose to pick on and drag onto the stage. Obviously this had to include a rendition of 'YMCA' by team USA, plenty conga-ing and some Bon Jovi for good measure. All the mango beer in Taiwan couldn't persuade us getting up to sing, karaoke-style, was a good plan, but we teamed with with some friendly Ozzies and gave it a shot.

Loads of new archery friends/ international drinking buddies/ elevator party cohorts were made over the evening and the week, and were much missed on returning to the UK. Though it's nice to be back in a slightly more bearable climate, the whole competition and experiences of such a completely different world were fantastic. Better get those scores in for next year's Universiade in Belgrade!

Wish you were (t)here.

Days 2-4, Monday 7th-Wednesday 9th

Apologies for the time lag in the postcard delivery!

Have had a hectic couple of days of shooting/ international card tournaments, but Phil came out on top as the star of the show after finishing the individual eliminations with a silver medal. Some good shooting from Steph got her through to the last 16 too, so we'll be looking forward to the mixed team event tomorrow!

The weather's made for some challenging shooting at times; the local speciality seems to be a thunder/rain/typhoon combo deal around 2pm every day, though mostly it's just been hot and sticky. The food has been pretty interesting too - mostly tasty, and we're gradually getting the hang of chopsticks! Mmm... noodles.

Wish you were here.

Day 1, Sunday 6th

So we got here in fine spirits if not alittle tired. A 12 hour flight to Hong Kong, then a short rest and another 1hr flight to Taiwan.

We've had a few days to acclimatise and practice has been good. Its been 35 in the shade and the humidity is very high. Theres been the odd thunderstorm at lunch time but appart from that very sunny and hot.

We start official practice tomorrow, we'll keep you posted on how things are going.

Wish you were here.