About the Interviews

Paxman it ain't - image from the BBCAll UKSAA interviewees are initially selected by me. After agreeing to be interviewed (I always get my man or woman), I go away and do a little bit of basic research about the person concerned, before emailing them a series of questions. The interviewee responds to all the questions in writing, hopefully in a mildly entertaining manner, and emails me back the first draft of the interview. This is normally pretty close to the final draft as well.

I may then email back with some follow up questions and so forth. The interview is not supposed to be a test nor is it designed to trip people up - interviewees are encouraged to look up any particular details they wish to quote, and review what they have said to make sure it is actually what they meant. Interviewees can even add in their own questions if they like. The whole process is designed to be fluid and as non-intimidating as possible, but I hope I ask enough decent questions for the finished product to be worth the read.

The only exceptions to format describe above have been the live interviews I did in 2002 with Atle Wold and Tim Mundon. Also the Dave Spinner/Chris Burnett double interview in 2005 just consisted of me emailing them a list of topics and letting them get on with it.