A potted history/key dates for UKSAA website.

09/Jan/13 Facebook, Twitter pages added, links to them added.
29/Dec/11 Google Custom Search Engine replaces existing Google search box on Search page.
04/Jul/11 First of 2012 content added for the National Competitions.
04/Jul/11 Google +1 button added to site
13/Jun/11 The trackPageLoadTime line added to Google Analytics code fragment
21/May/11 Latest Club Directory updates in include file and added to Home page as well.
30/Jan/11 Clear out of old entry forms; work started on BUTC live coverage page.
01/Dec/10 RSS tracking in Analytics now working properly - & instead of just & to get source, medium and campaign variables through
25/Nov/10 Dublinfest added to the Other Fixtures section.
26/Oct/10 Update to newest version of Analytics code, slight change to background colour, making it paler.
04/Oct/10 First editorial of new season - sorting out new season in Editorials
30/Sep/10 BUTC bid deadline announced. Main menu links to 09/10 regional pages removed, very small changes to home page text
24/Sep/10 Northumbria added to Clubs, also Regional Leagues 2010/11 pages being put togehter.
02/Sep/10 National Competition pages updated for 2010/11 season
09/Aug/10 Top ten hits and Century Days pages withdrawn, Nottingham Trent page added to Clubs
02/Jul/10 Club Info and Links section revamp, including new pages for East Anglia and Manchester
09/Jun/10 Message Board and Facebook page withdrawn from menu
30/Oct/09 RSS feed fixed (yet again!)
26/Oct/09 Geocities withdrawn by Yahoo. RIP. Emergency link page therefore also deleted.
12/Oct/09 RSS feed fixed (again!)
28/Sep/09 New site at www.uksaa.com takes over as official site, Analytics working.
Sep 09 Coding new site (thanks to Jono Ellis!) and moving content. Lots and lots of content... This takes longer than I thought it would, so minimal new content
Jan-Aug 09Some things - all routine!
05/Nov/08Regional League index2 pages created - link from menu to show tables directly.
04/Oct/08UK Geocities editing panel now available again.
28/Aug/08Regional League pages for 08/09 built, Calendar work for 08/09 ongoing.
30/May/08Home page updates. Quick links to clubs drop down added and the table showing title/flags now incorporates Latest News too.
20/May/08Club details refresh, experiment to put drop down on main menu
07/Apr/08League Team Champs section launched
Jan-Mar 08Some things - all routine!
03/Dec/07RSS feed broken then fixed. Don't use ampersands in future!
30/Oct/07RSS feed modified to have a shortened title and the description to contain the whole Latest News item's text
12/Oct/07Changes to Club Links. In: Aston
01/Oct/07Changes to Club Links. In: Bristol, Essex. Out: De Montfort, Plymouth, Sheffield Hallam
18/Sep/07Facebook Groups page published and advertised. Link from LHS menu.
10/Sep/07Front page of interviews section tidied up and published.
03/Sep/07Process of season changeover begun - 2006/07 material moving to archive and 2007/08 pages linked in. BUTC material moved out of minisite sub-sub-directory
18/Aug/07Stylesheet rolled out to (hopefully) all pages, including archives. Message boards added for Lancaster, Nottingham, one at Surrey removed. Monkey says and Solo archer page de-linked.
13/Aug/07Favicon code tweaked so that it works. Work started on 2007/08 pages for leagues, editorial etc.
05/Aug/07Stylesheet changed to light grey background with black text. Monkey & the News Van removed from the front page.
19/Jul/07Address bar icon, favicon.ico, created.
04/Jul/07Effort to redesign spreadsheet to give the website a different colours/font.
14/May/07Anchors put on the main Calendar page for each month.
26/Apr/07Refresh of Club Contacts section begun - includes updating BUSA Indoors/BUTC placings and new details where found, stylesheet implemented for all.
16/Apr/07Message board section condensed into a page, brought into top level, subdirectory deleted. Links organised by regional league and only open in new window/tab.
30/Mar/07Links for results of BUTC/BUSA redirected to point towards UKSAA copies.
21/Mar/07Similar for BUSA as for BUTC. A lot of hits flying about! Review up the day before to spread the load.
07/Mar/07BUTC results and review up. BUTC results doc hosted by Swansea Uni Computing, pretty much on the JANET backbone. Thanks to SWWU man Jack Murkin. UKSAA bandwidth survives - I will host (re-direct existing link) once hits cool down.
24/Feb/07Main chunk of CSS links rolled out to include active pages, but not archives.
13/Feb/07Only about a few years after I learned about them, UKSAA stylesheet work begins. Coming up... edit paste save, edit paste save, edit paste save...
12/Feb/07Link to RSS feed, put into Resources section. Contents of resources main page slightly re-ordered.
07/Feb/07Other fixtures section for 06/07 re-opened with Stag Hill entry form.
01/Feb/07RSS news feed made available and publicised. XML file at top level called rss_newsfeed.xml. I hope it works.
22/Jan/07First look at creating an RSS feed from Latest News. Likely to be unnecessary.
18/Jan/07Resources page brought up to date with more BUSA info published. The 2006/07 season info and regulations, plus link to SMG members page added. All Unis and BUSA records spreadsheets updated. Also BUSA Indoor entry forms published with editorial to follow.
15/Jan/07New "how to host" BUSA Champs documents added.
02/Jan/07BUTC 2007 information published. Entry form to follow.
22/Nov/06First interview of the season (and for 18 months), Alex Stuart, published.
19/Oct/06New calendars for SEAL published. Also blank league/champs tables pages published.
16/Oct/06New calendars for SUS NEUAL published. Also host request for BUTC.
15/Sep/06New editorial section for 06/07 launched with first piece in. Also BUSA Champs pages ready for new season and new club pages (Derby, Kent, RGU, Shef. Hallam) added/re-instated.
15/Aug/06After a long period of UKSAA inactivity preparation on Reg Lge sections for teh new season, also data from FISU Champs entered.
02/May/06Work started on new minisection for Irish Inter-Varsity League results.
26/Apr/06New flags added for home nations.
04/Apr/06Links refresh begun, to include updating "Best..." grids.
15/Mar/06Eleventh consecutive (and last) days of over 100 hits because of BUSA and BUTC results. Site repeatedly offline because of bandwidth.
23/Feb/06End of a massive series of updates particularly regional leagues, particularly NEUAL! Also text added to BUSA Indoor/Outdoor main pages.
04/Feb/06Geocities editor now working after not working for almost a week!
17/Jan/06Lots of BUTC 2006 content added. This page added.
12/Jan/06Ask the UKSAA man editorial published to provide alternative to interiews.
13/Dec/05Lots of stuff added all at once. A NEUAL match, a new club (Chester), results corrected, new editorial article. Lots of lovely content.
29/Sep/05New pages for Derby, Plymouth and Stirling added to Clubs section, along with Regional pages that link to constituent club profiles only.
08/Sep/05New season change-overs in full swing
02/Aug/05New Club Info section launched in place of the Links section. Drop down menus have arrived.
01/Aug/05New Internationals section begun - documents and files to move and create in time for WUG on 11th Aug.
22/Jul/05Hallelujah. Drop down menus now working for new Clubs section. Not yet made avilable.
05/Jul/05New Clubs section begun to replace most of links.
23/Jun/05Message board page redesigned in a table so that you can open the boards in a new window or in the frame. Text re-written.
20/Jun/05BUSA Outdoors review written and various assorted pages updated. Summary pages inverted so that most recent years are at the top.
31/May/05Other Fixtures upgraded from single page to full section and results added to put in there.
25/May/05NEUAL Outdoor Champs results up and All Uni Comps Records spreadsheet updated.
02/May/05Interview with Dave Spinner and Chris Burnett published. Also BUTTS results and a link to the Sagittarius board.
25/Apr/05Return of the Second Hand Page.
30/Mar/05Updated All Unis records adn BUTC records both published.
07/Mar/05BUTC results and review published - web counter melts.
28/Feb/05BUSA results and review published - web counter melts.
09/Feb/05BUTC info going up. Middlesex added to links.
07/Feb/05Three SUSF match results and BUTTS leg results and an editorial go up as site records 100+ hits for the first time this year.
04/Feb/05New pages added and linked in to Links section for Keele and Reading.
26/Jan/05Second Hand page removed - lack of interest. New editorial article put up.
10/Jan/05BUTC entry forms added and publicised. Similarly the very late interview with Andrew Phillips goes up.
07/Jan/05BUTC information put on site (Entry forms to follow soon). Site's first ever video clip (of arrow hitting Beiter hit/miss target) available. This page added.
28/Oct/04Editorial section columnated.
26/Oct/04ELeague page for season re-written, to include last season's complete results, tournament information and template scoresheet.
18/Oct/04BUTC bid documentation published.
27/Sep/04Text of menu items (not headings) changed to small. Other Fixtures added to menu to handle Roses, Varsity etc.
15/Sep/04SEAL dates added, BUTC hosting page prepared for hosting documentation.
02/Sep/04BUSA, BUTC Regional League pages all completed and Calendar prepared. SUSF dates added.
25/Aug/04Preparation for new season 2004/05 begun, i.e. leagues/tournaments etc.
21/Jul/04New Links section goes live. Separate page for each university's details, but sadly no drop downs. Also publicised to keep the thing up-to-date.
19/Jul/04Links section revamp begun. Drop down menus not included. Sigh.
07/Jun/04Big progress with new links section, getting drop down menu to open pages. Should be ready soon.
01/Jun/04After a period of laziness, interview with Matt Nowicki published and publicised. Also SWWU final results updated. Link to NEUAL Outdoors added, plus new editorial and monkey phrase. Phew.
05/May/04May interview published. Link to Rep of Ireland archery league from menu added. Also domain name www.uksaa.com has expired. Results from SUSF Outdoors added, plus new SUSF and All Unis Records.
15/Apr/04Google powered site search goes live. Work on revamped links section begun.
10/Apr/04League match updates completed, plus working on getting Google to search my site. Not yet available.
18/Mar/04ELeague results published, BUSA Outdoor hosts announced, Stag Hill entry forms published, new editorial - busy busy.
09/Mar/04BUTC minisite redesigned into main site - also BUTC results and review also published.
26/Feb/04BUTC minisite linked in from the main BUTC section.
13/Feb/04BUSA results published and SWWU results extracted and published. Plymouth integrated into SWWU league. Century days added to top 10 hits.
09/Feb/04BUTC Explanation from last year published - new BUTC site development started properly.
01/Feb/04BUTC Entry form and new interview (Ian Pilkington) both published.
27/Jan/04NEUAL and SUSF Indoor Champs entry forms put up for downloading.
09/Jan/04Work begun on subsidiary sites for ACME and BUTC that are not directly part of UKSAA. Small steps.
15/Dec/03York announced as hosts of BUTC 2004 on UKSAA site. Loughborough also bid.
01/Dec/03Naomi Folkard interview up plus more regional league info and editorial about BUSA team fees all published.
27/Nov/03Hosting BUTC 2004 advertised on Home Page.
26/Nov/03Masses of regional league material up as well as date for BUSA Indoors.
11/Nov/03First regional league scores added, plus editorial.
03/Nov/03Interview with Ian McGibbon published.
04/Oct/03Links section update completed. New sites found for Dundee and Lancaster, entries for Newcastle Plymouth and Stirling removed.
30/Sep/03New Editorials section published, also provisional calendar for 2003/2004
31/Aug/03Five regional league sections prepared for the forthcoming season, except where calendars do not yet exist.
18/Aug/03High Scores section removed. Replaced by a spreadsheet hled within Resources section.
23/Jul/03New News/Editorial section completed. It will be linked in fromthe start of next season. New Website information section added (this). GNAS SDP page moved to Resources.
24/Jun/03BUSA Outdoor results added on following Tuesday AM. High Scores updated, including barebow pages created.
16/May/03Work started on Other Fixtures section to catch Varsity, Roses, Brunel etc.
25/Apr/03BUTC skeletal subsection linked in to replace link to 2003 Champs.
22/Apr/03New Links section fully replaced old table-heavy version.
15/Apr/03BUSA Indoor results 1996-2001 added thanks to John Sullivan for these also.
10/Apr/03BUSA Outdoor results 1996-2001 added thanks to John Sullivan for these. Also Trivia pages added to BUSA Indoor/Outdoor.
01/Apr/03Regional League pages redesigned and directorised and now linked from menu (except SEAL).
24/Mar/03BUSA Championships sections redesigned and directorised. ELeague directorised.
19/Mar/03Interview directory finished and old version removed and deleted.
17/Mar/03Work on improved directory structure begun with new links section begun.
03/Mar/03BUTC review published. Work begun on pages for ACME and South East regional league, provisionally, SEAL.
28/Feb/03BUSA results added - busaind2003 directory removed. BUSA Outdoor Documents added.
11/Feb/03BUSA Target list added. NEUAL Champs results added, info removed.
05/Feb/03GNAS Strategic Development Plan (SDP) page added with Jared Thornton message/email.
03/Feb/03NEU Champs info put up, including Entry form and maps. Also interview + NEUAL match.
22/Jan/03Other BUSA Indoor 2003 Information posted on the website - hotels, night out info, directions. busaind2003 page revamped. General BUSA Indoor documents including official scoresheet also added.
14/Jan/03BUSA Indoor Entry form uploaded to site.
06/Jan/03Series of textual alterations added to site for new year.
10/Dec/02IUPL changed to ELeague and links eventually updated. SWWU Page altered to reflect new format and first results added.
03/Dec/02Links in High Scores section repaired. Some archive results added - 1994!
02/Dec/02Latest News put above Home page text. Revamped High Scores section relinked. December Interview published - Message Board Publicity.
24/Nov/02TEXTresults first used by Ed Rial, with Round 2 of BUTTS.
12/Nov/02IUPL page with first set of results linked from menu.
11/Nov/02First set of 2002/03 regional league results added.
06/Nov/02WSG Qual Scores added to Resources. Thailand removed from menu, dummy IUPL page added to menu. Link to archery section on ebay added.
30/Oct/02H2H Page renamed BUTC and links to BUTC site written. Date of SUSF match altered.
25/Oct/02Home page text re-written. Interview main page prepared.
09/Oct/02H2H Team page added to menu, BUSA's from 2002 removed - in Resources only. Second article to Editorial added. "How to bid for BUSA Indoors" uploaded. Rankings page temp removed from menu.
04/Sep/02High Scores section re-organised. First experiment on hosting the site outwith Yahoo's Geocities begun.
23/Aug/02Images and Resources subdirectories created and filled, links altered. High Scores section linked from Menu.
12/Aug/02Message Board menued sub section created. Contains links to message boards. UKSAA Board temporarily abandoned.
02/Aug/02High Score menued sub section created. Gents, Ladies, Team, Explanation. Links page split into Uni Clubs and Others. Monkey hired as roving reporter.
01/Aug/02Links and Contacts page re-designed with new display for each uni's links. Interview and News/Editorial pages prepared for new season.
25/Jul/02Main menu re-ordered into categories. Main, Information, Features, Regional Comps, National Comps, Message Boards, Web Stuff.
19/Jul/02Regional League page standardisation completed. Contacts, Calendar, League Table, Match Results, (Tourney results), Format.
12/Jul/02Indiviual results from FISU Champs in Thailand up within minutes of completion thanks to silver medallist Tim Mundon. Default page created.
10/Jul/02First postcard from Thailand from Dave Spinner arrived and posted. Ordinance Survey maps of Lilleshall up. Home page text re-written. Message Board link removed as it's broken. Link to Cambridge Message Board added.
03/Jul/02Resources page re-organised to accommodate archiving information from 2001/02 season, readying site for 2002/03. Archiving process will be complete in September fro new season. Thailand Postcard page prepared.
01/Jul/02Archives section merged into Resources. First primitive form on Second Hand Page - as yet only compatible with Netscape - c. 15% of site traffic is Netscape (Nedstat). Standardisation of Regional League pages with headers.
26/Jun/02First experiments with Forms begun.
13/Jun/02The site's first documents (SUSF Student and Non-Student doc's and BUSA results) successfully uploaded. Resources expanded from single page to menued section.
12/Jun/02The site's first picture (JPG of Tim Mundon) successfully uploaded.
10/Jun/02Resources page, Second hand page, Tim Mundon interview put onto live site. Also complete results for SUSF and SWWU Leagues, sparecode file created includes next season's diary etc. BUSA Outdoors 2002 preview added.
06/Jun/02Preparations for new pages and content, to go live on 10th. Gadget "countdown to BUSA" put on front page.
16/May/02Resultant problems with Nedstat counter fixed, so it now records all hits to site.
03/May/02Domain name www.uksaa.com bought from uk2.net (for ~50 for 2 years) with a web divert to original site. Resultant problems with Nedstat counter being worked on.
29/Mar/02BUSA Indoor 2002 results up and that section of the site re-organised.
19/Feb/02Interview pages reorganised and first interview with Atle Wold up for all to see.
13/Feb/02At last. A message board that is a) good and b) works is here. 1,000 thanks to Edinburgh University, whose web space I am borrowing and 1,000,000 thanks to Lucy Spackman for making it go.
01/Feb/02Another month another message board that doesn't quite work. Getting steadily closer though.
08/Jan/02Happy new year. After failure of that board, another (probably temporary but maybe not) fully functioning board is very nearly ready.
15/Dec/01Inaugural results from the SWWUA League put up. Thanks to Claire Davy of Bath. First real message board attempted, based strongly (=half-inched) from Edinburgh site.
12/Dec/01Research into writing my own, better, message board for the site begun. I may be some time
01/Dec/01Archive section added rationalising info and providing structure for future. Some archives added - this will take ages. NE League Page added plus Diary page. Menu rearranged.
20/Nov/01First and second editorial comment published. IUPL basic page added. Results (hooray) limited results added to SUSF pages.
12/Nov/01Basic Interview and Editorial pages created. New and (hopefully improved) Nedstat counter in place from www.nedstat.com
03/Nov/01Problem with frames crashing the site repaired; basis for SUSF mini-site created.
13/Oct/01Addresses added to links page. Archive BUSA indoor results finished. Regional Leagues page replaced with individual pages for SUSF & BUTTS. Nedstat counter removed.
29/Sep/01Table of links to university clubs refreshed; Events page removed.
14/Jul/01First archive BUSA Indoor results added.
15/Mar/01First individual ranking lists in place.
08/Mar/01Yahoo standard archive message board in place.
16/Feb/01Menu working fully after a "bug" is fixed.
08/Feb/01Yahoo standard message Board added. It's rubbish.
05/Feb/01Site created, Home, Links, Rankings, Regional Leagues.