Welsh Uni
  • Mark MacArtney (President)
  • Lewis Fisher (Secretary)
  • Bethan Lewis (Tournaments Organiser)
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Best...Last 3 yearsSince 2007All records
BUCS Indoor19th in 2019 M9th in 2016 F9th in 2016 F
ELeagueDNSConf/20th in 2011Div4/14th in 2006

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Aberdeen, Bangor, Bedfordshire, Bristol,
Coventry, Derby, Durham, Essex,
Keele, Kent, Manchester, Napier,
Newcastle, Northampton, Northumbria,
Reading, Royal Holloway, St Andrews,
Sheffield, Sussex, Warwick
& West of Scotland 20th-22nd May
Birmingham 30th Mar
Anglia Ruskin 9th Mar
Huddersfield 6th Mar
NEW Cardiff Metropolitan &
NEW West of England 27th Feb