English Uni
  • Ruby Thomsett (Chair)
  • El Green (Secretary)
  • Nancy Bannister and Andrew Bacon (Co-Captains)
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Best...Last 3 yearsLast 10 yearsAll records
Regional League1st in 20201st in 20201st in 2020
BUCS Indoor2nd in 2019 M2nd in 2019 M2nd in 2019 M
BUTCSF (3rd) in 2019SF (3rd) in 2019SF (3rd) in 2019
E-League5th in 20205th in 20205th in 2020
BUCS Outdoor5th in 2019 M5th in 2019 M5th in 2019 M

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De Montfort, Durham, Manchester Met.
& West of Scotland 30th Sep
Bath, Essex, Keele
& Oxford 27th Sep
Bangor, Brunel, Derby, Napier,
Northumbria, & Reading 20th Sep
Birmingham, Dundee, Sheffield
& Strathclyde 12th Sep
Swansea 8th Sep