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Eligibility of Institutions

Archery clubs from any UK institution of higher education (i.e. universities) can enter BUTC, regardless of whether that institution is a member of BUCS.

Eligibility of Individuals

Individual eligibility for BUTC is derived from the individual eligibility requirements for BUCS. An individual is eligible for BUTC, if and only if they are also eligible for BUCS Indoors in the same season. For full details, see the BUCS Individual Eligibility and Team Selection regulations.

It has always been the intention of the founders of this tournament, and remains the view of UKSAA, that one of the primary purposes of BUTC is to offer students at British Universities a chance to experience the format and pressures of events that are commonly run only at the highest level.

Institutions have asked whether non-students who are members of their clubs (by virtue of life membership of University unions, associate memberships or similar) can also participate in BUTC teams. We have taken the decision that this should not be permitted, as it is not in keeping with the founding principles of the tournament, and would also introduce a potentially unfair advantage for those clubs with, for example, strong alumni or associate memberships. There is no reason why such individuals should not serve as team managers, but they may not compete.