BUTC Hosting Info

Bidding Process

Clubs that may be interested in hosting can contact UKSAA to discuss any aspect of the tournament at any time - without committing themselves to anything. Clubs that know they wish to bid are strongly encouraged to inform UKSAA in advance.

A preferred date for the competition will be announced, usually at the same time as a date for BUCS Indoors is confirmed.

A deadline for bids to host BUTC will be announced, usually in the autumn.

  • Bid document(s) must have been emailed to UKSAA by the stated date/time.
  • Late bids are unlikely to be accepted
  • All bids will be acknowledged
  • All bidders will be notified, and the successful host announced ASAP after this deadline
  • Joint bids are also welcome

Bid documents should include a minimum of:

  • Relevant backing from your Club Committee, Sports Union, University etc.
  • Confirmation of (provisional) hall booking for the date and a few hours the night before
  • Venue information, including plans/sketches, power supply, PA system
  • Laptops - suggested minimum of 5
  • Plans for online broadcast of event
  • Fast printer, paper and spare cartridges
  • Plans for boss & foam insert hire/purchase
  • Budget, including principle costs (e.g. venue hire, bosses, medals, t-shirts) and income (e.g. entry fees, t-shirts, raffle)
  • Manpower - a chief organiser and at least 20-25 non-shooting helpers available all day.
  • Event Promotion, e.g. local and student press
  • Plan for the post tournament social event

Contact ukstudentarchery@@gmail.com for further details.

Organising Team

UKSAA co-ordinates the organisation of the tournament, in conjunction with event creator Tim Mundon, ACME and the host university. ACME run the shoot on the day, including the scoring system. In the first instance, ACME can be contacted through the UKSAA website.

Organisers will liaise with BUTC's title sponsors (currently Clickers and Beiter) and also supply judges, commentators, the rest of IT, timing boards and medals (at cost).