2020 Tournament Info

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2020 Summary Info

  • The organisers have – regrettably and after much thought – taken the decision to cancel BUTC 2020. Our first responsibility is to the archers and spectators who would attend BUTC. We recognize that many of those who would otherwise attend may have concerns about coronavirus even if current guidance on social distancing measures might change as the situation continues rapidly to evolve. We are also conscious that our colleagues at BUCS have taken the precaution of cancelling all sporting fixtures for the duration of the current situation.

    While the event will not be going ahead this year, we would like to thank University of Bristol Archery who stepped forward late in the day, and would have hosted the event after the Easter holidays. We are very grateful to them for volunteering as hosts. We are also grateful to our title sponsors, Clickers and Beiter, who were once again going to support the event.
  • It is worth commenting on how confirming a host and date for BUTC 2020 took so long. A potential host university did come forward in advance of the initial deadline (unusually it was the Sports Union rather than Archery Club itself) and it appeared that confirming the details would be straightforward. For several months, BUTC organisers worked with the university's Sports Union, their Archery Club and event sponsors. Despite the efforts of all involved it became impossible to work out an acceptable date. By this stage, a pre-Easter BUTC looked impractical and that first club formally withdrew. With time now at a serious premium, rather than issue a general appeal, BUTC organisers quickly contacted a handful of likely replacement hosts, including Bristol.

    There has been a worrying trend of fewer clubs stepping forward with bids to host BUTC. For 2021, BUTC organisers will now actively pursue an association with BUCS. This should safeguard BUTC against lack of hosts (if not a pandemic) without compromising the noisy spectacle we know and love.