BUCS jobs and Lilleshall latest [22/May/18]

The BUCS Sports Advisory Group is being morphed into an Event Management Group from the summer and there are now some opportunities available to help shape the student archery landscape for the next 3 years, the 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons. The vacancies are in the Tournament Organising, Participation and Communication teams. N.B. the job ads on the BUCS website could make it seem that you'd be doing the job solo, but that's not the case. Links are on the existing BUCS SAG/EMG page [Editor's note - this page will also need an update.] and in the BUCS Jobs section.

An Expression of Interest Form must be submitted to Alysha Martin on alysha.martin@@bucs.org.uk by 5pm on Thursday 7th June. There are full job descriptions on the job advert pages themselves. Not sure whether you might be interested? If you're reading this website, it's a reasonable bet that you could be.

Seven days (depending on when you read this) now remain until Tuesday 29th May, the entry deadline for BUCS Outdoors. The deadline has been slightly extended to allow shoots that take place over the preceding weekend to be used as qualifying scores. Making use of the extra weekend for scores are SWWU match 4 and the BUTTS and SEAL Outdoor Championships. Results from SWWU match 3, SSS Outdoors and the BUTTS Divison 2 match have also been published and will be reviewed separately.

BUCS Outdoors itself takes place on Saturday 16th June at Lilleshall NSC and is a WA1440 and Metrics, as it has been since 2007. The BUCS website says Pre-event information will be published on Friday 1st June. Meanwhile, BUCS have confirmed that the WA1440 qualification score for an experienced ladies compound should be 1092 and not 1183 as initially published. No other scores are affected, see BUCS Outdoor page.

2017 Outdoor team champions were Edinburgh (gents), Birmingham (ladies), Warwick (novices) and Edinburgh again (compounds).

The associated Head to Head event is on Sunday 17th and as 2018 is an off year for the Universiade, will mark the end of the student archery season. A list of all former H2H Event champions since the event started in 2013 has been added to the BUCS Outdoor page on UKSAA. Only Tom Hall (Warwick), Johanna Meyer and Huw Vaughan-Jackson (both Edinburgh) have won more than once.

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