National Competitions gear up [20/Oct/10]

As the regional leagues prepare to swing into action, the national indoor competitions are in the preparatory stages.

BUCS Indoors had been announced by BUCS (& as a result, also on this site) as being in Aberdeen, but BUCS then almost immediately retracted their announcement. Aberdeen's venue was to be the indoor artificial football pitch at Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV) who had initially pledged their support. The venue was almost identical to Sheffield United's training facility, as used by Sheffield for this event last year. ASV had expressed concern about falling arrows damaging the pitch but Aberdeen had been able to demonstrate that they could cover the surface to avoid any chance of damage.

Despite this, ASV later performed an about turn and removed their support for the event, citing insurance reasons, although for event contingency rather than damage to the surface. With the artificial rug literally pulled from underneath them, Aberdeen's bid was over.

The competition will still be held on Saturday 12th March, but the venue will be Cardiff University Sports Training Village, this despite Cardiff University's apparent lack of an archery club.

Bids to host BUTC 2011 are due by this Friday 22nd. The preferred date for the most colourful event on the calendar is Saturday 19th February. Last year saw a record 25 different universities competing - and a tournament which saw Nottingham just fail to defend their title from an inspired Edinburgh in the final. Loughborough beat surprise semi-finalists Reading to bronze.

Round 1 of the E-League, September/October, is already in ongoing with scores are due to be submitted by Friday 5th November. You may have noticed that the E-League website was down - this is now back up and working again.

No news on BUCS Outdoors at the moment, other than its date of Saturday 11th June, so here is something to think about instead. Five years ago, Nicky Hunt was in the process winning ladies compound for Coventry at BUSA Outdoors 2005. Five years later she is the world number one and was the flag bearer for England at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, having won individual and team gold in the tournament. Your October E-League score may be only the beginning.

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