Northern Leagues' Round 2 [23/Dec/14]

Results from NEUAL matches 5-8, comprising the second set of fixtures for all 14 clubs took place over the first two weekends of December. There were match wins for Liverpool, Lancaster, Hull and York. Also recently published, delayed results for SSS match 2, held on 15th November, won by Edinburgh.

Lancaster were the top scorers of the second batch of fixtures as the Red Roses won their match on exactly 2200, including 564 from Thomas Wilson. Bradford scored 2137 to apply some pressure in the Lancaster match. Liverpool scored 2161 for the second consecutive match and were rewarded with their second consecutive match win - this time very comfortably. York won their 4 way fixture with 2079, Huddersfield in second, Signourney Lee (York) on 559. Hull and Sheffield were the only two teams in their match with Leeds and Teesside absent. Curtis Tatner (Sheffield) scored 579, the highest score across the 4 fixtures, but it turned out not to be enough as Hull sprang a surprise, winning the match 2085 against 2059.

The results mean that Liverpool and Hull are top on 40 points with 2 wins each, although Lancaster actually have the highest aggregate across the two fixtures. Lancaster, Bradford and Sheffield all have 39 points, with a 1st and a 2nd.

In the parallel novice fixtures, Liverpool, Lancaster and Hull all matched their seniors in victory, whilst Sunderland took top honours in their match. The 4 winning sides were also the only teams in the 1300s, with Hull (1382) and Lancaster (1377) the highest. These results leave Liverpool top of the pile with 60 points from a possible 60. Lancaster have 58, whilst Bradford lead the chasing pack on 55.

From Scotland, the results from SSS match 2 are now also available. Edinburgh won the match on 2240, with only Aberdeen's 2183 within touching distance. Napier were comfortably third, but they were over 100 behind Aberdeen. Top scorer in the match was Roy Hotrabhvanon (Edinburgh) on 572, with Rebekah Tipping (Aberdeen) on 565 and Julie Saigusa (Edinburgh) on 561. Edinburgh have 20 points and Aberdeen have 18.

SSS's second novice match ended with a straightforward win for Edinburgh as they got within 7 of 1500. Napier were around 200 points behind in second, with St Andrews a further 100 behind. Neringa Siugzdinyte (Edinburgh) was top scorer with 516. Edinburgh have 20 points whilst Napier have 18.

Both SSS and NEUAL get going again in January, with SSS match 3 the first fixture of the new year. See the SSS 14/15 and NEUAL 14/15 pages. Next editorial will review London's win in SEAL match 2.

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