Southern Expansion [05/Dec/14]

Results from the first round of the two Southern leagues have been published. London and Bath are the early leaders, see SEAL 2014/15 and SWWU 2014/15. Both matches saw clubs making their official debut, Bristol, Cardiff (both SWWU) and East Anglia (SEAL).

London got this campaign off to the best possible start with a comfortable win. London's total of 2219 was 87 clear of the field and included a 565 from Sherman Ip (top scoring in the match) and three more scores all over 550. Imperial's 2132 made it a capital 1-2, bumping defending champions Southampton in to third with 2102. A further 80+ points behind, Surrey were fourth, with Reading fifth on 2001, exactly 1 point ahead of Essex. Kent were seventh, with East Anglia in 8th place - all 12 teams had complete teams of four.

In the parallel novice fixture, London were again victorious but they were closely pursued by Southampton in second. London won with 1335, with Southampton on 1313. Essex were third, but 140 behind second, although Bruno Ferrarini (Essex) did top score in the novice match, with 493. Portsmouth were fourth, with East Anglia taking fifth spot.

In previous seasons, SWWU has struggled for numbers. In 2005/06 and 2008/09, SWWU's core trio of Bath, Exeter and Swansea had to entertain themselves. However, with Plymouth two seasons ago and Aberystwyth last year, taking a fuller part, the league has gradually swelled. The presence of both Bristol and Cardiff this year, swells the league to a record breaking 7 full teams - the same size as SSS.

To the specifics of the first match then. Alex Hickson and Liam Man (both Bath) were the top scorers in the match with 576 and 574. Bath's SWWU team of 4 was affected by SWWU's mixed senior teams rule, dropping 101 points to 2152. However it was just enough to hold of Exeter, who scored 2127 in second place, despite Gerda Pociunaite's 566. Hugh Pearce (Bath) scored 559. Swansea only just held off new boys Cardiff 2051 points to 2033. Dewi Jones (Cardiff) scored 550. Aberystwyth pipped Bristol to 5th spot by 4 points, with Plymouth last out of the complete teams.

In the SWWU novice match, Swansea came out on top with 1226, ten ahead of Bath, who were ten ahead of Exeter. Emma Chapman (Aberystwyth) was the top scoring novice on 472, with her team finishing fourth overall.

Also published recently are results from the Warwick Open Novice Tournament (WONT). This was a pre-Christmas tournament aimed specifically at novices. Attendees were primarily the BUTTS universities, but there were over 50 novices in total at the event. Full results are in the Other Fixtures 2014/15 page. Recurve winners were James Green (Derby) 508 and Catherine Jackson (Birmingham) 492.

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