Edinburgh and Exeter win [25/Nov/15]

In the opening weekends of the SSS (14/15 Nov) and SWWU (21 Nov) there were senior and novice wins for Edinburgh and Exeter.

Edinburgh were the winners of a close, but low scoring first SSS match of the season, winning despite a team of 4 total of 2076. All of the other top 4 teams were within 50 points. Edinburgh's winning margin was 11 points over Aberdeen who scored 2065. Not far behind in third and fourth were Napier with 2032 and Strathclyde with 2028. However, there were no archers over 550 and indeed only 2 who broke 540 in a very low key start to the Scottish season. In the novice match, Edinburgh posted a very healthy 1427, well clear of second placed Napier on 1292 and Strathclyde on 1223. The top novice was Ivan Georgiev (Edinburgh) on 485.

The most notable thing about the match was the addition of the new club at West of Scotland (in particular UWS' Hamilton campus) to the SSS competitive roster. Remarkably, SSS Archery's composition has remained exactly the same for the last 10 seasons and whilst UWS may have been somewhat off the pace on their competitive debut, they will be a welcome addition and improve with experience.

A weekend later, and several hundred miles of motorway south, Exeter got their SWWU campaign off to a very straightforward start. Exeter's seniors put in a score of 2135 to win their match by over 100 points. Swansea came in second with 2021, whilst Cardiff nudged defending champions Bath in to fourth spot, 1975 to 1971. There were three 550+s in the match - Ben Trudgill (Exeter) was top with 553. Perhaps surprisingly, this is Exeter's first SWWU win in 15 matches, dating back to March 2013.

Exeter also won the novice match but things were a lot closer here. Swansea scored 1215 to finish 25 behind Exeter's 1240. Cardiff were third here too. Top scorer in the novice match was Joshua Hill (Swansea) on 483.

See the latest SSS and also SWWU standings.

Results from BUTTS match 2 and a smattering of NEUAL fixtures have also been published. Reviews to follow. Next weekend's fixtures comprise the opening SEAL match and the NEUAL novice championships.

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