AGMs, Lilleshall, News in Brief [12/Apr/16]

A separate, full review of the conclusion to the E-League won by Warwick will follow shortly. In the meantime, here are a few other snippets of news.

The ArcheryGB AGM is on Saturday 16th April at Bisham Abbey in Berkshire. As ever, it is important that the student voice is heard, particularly with respect to membership fees, so make sure your votes are counted. A few students (and recent former students) are also running for places on the ArcheryGB board.

As clubs begin to shoot outdoors, it's AGM season, please do let UKSAA know if the contact info in the Club Directory has changed.

Entries for BUCS Outdoors at Lilleshall on 11th June (H2H on the 12th) were opened today. The closing date is Monday 23rd May to allow an extra weekend to acquire those all important qualifying scores. Senior archers require a 1st Class score, novices require a 3rd Class score. A correction has been made to the Qualifying Score table in the BUCS Outdoors section. The ladies recurve 1st Class score for a Hereford is 723, not 511, which is the ladies recurve 1st Class score for a York. Apologies for any confusion caused.

BUCS have announced the squad that will represent the UK at the World University Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 1st to 5th June. Recurves. The full squad is listed on UKSAA and BUCS websites. Stephanie Clason, Sally Gilder and Tom Hall all shot in Gwangju last year, whilst Jordan Mitchell will make a third appearance. In a separate development, the upper age limit of World University events (currently 28) will drop to 25 from 2019 onwards.

As well as SWWU's two outdoor fixtures, the other 4 leagues all now have dates and locations for their respective Outdoor Championships, see the Calendar page. First up are SWWU match 4 and SSS Outdoors on 23rd April.

In terms of recent results, Edinburgh won SSS Indoors senior and novice events, hosted by Strathclyde on 19th March. SSS Indoors is a freestanding event and does not contribute to league standings. Edinburgh scored 2258 to win by a little over 100 from Aberdeen who scored 2142. Napier beat hosts Strathclyde to the bronze medals 2094 against 2076. Guy Matzkin (Edinburgh) boomed in a score of 589 to be top gent by a clear 30 points. Neringa Siugzdinyte (Edinburgh) was top lady on 561, whilst Jordan Wilson (Aberdeen) and Roy Hotrabhvanon (Edinburgh) were a point under the 560 mark. In the novice match, Edinburgh scored 1556, with Napier the closest challengers on 1480. Lisa Mei Kompfner (Edinburgh) was top novice on 543, with Thomas MacArthur (Heriot-Watt) pipping Steven Holt (Napier) to top novice gent. Strathclyde were third novice team on 1345.

Results from the final batch of NEUAL matches and NEUAL Indoor champs have Liverpool provisionally winning the senior league title and Bradford winning the novice equivalent. Lancaster and Bradford won the on-the-day titles at NEUAL Indoors, hosted by MMU Cheshire on 12th March. However the final tables are still subject to final confirmation. A full review of these fixtures will follow in a separate editorial.

Elsewhere, SEAL have launched a website. It is here:

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