London seize SEAL lead [18/Dec/15]

The first two SEAL matches of the season were held over the successive weekends of 28th November and 5th December. London won both senior matches and Southampton won both novice matches and now hold 3 and 5 point leads going in to the new calendar year.

SEAL match 1 saw London finish 9 points off 2200, but roughly 100 ahead of a chasing pack of four. Dominic Collis (London) top scored in the match and led his side home with 577. Southampton, Brunel, Essex and Imperial were tightly bunched from 2nd (14 league points) down to 5th (11 league points) between 2100 and 2068, a gap of only 32. Southampton claimed second place on 2100. Jonas Ska─Źkauskas (Brunel) scored exactly 560 out of Brunel's third placed total of 2080 - Brunel best result since SEAL adopted the all vs all format in 2011/12. Close behind, Essex narrowly nudged ahead of Imperial 2073 to 2068. Matthew Sharpe (Surrey) scored 565, lifting Surrey in to 6th place as a result.

In match 2, London went 9 points over 2200, but were run much closer, despite Dominic Collis top scoring again on 574. Portsmouth (who had finished 8th on 1937 a week earlier) scored 2172, their best ever all vs all finish. It was also their first SEAL match win over Varsity rivals Southampton, who were third on 2155. Mid-table was closely congested 4th down to 8th split by 52 points. Brunel followed up their result from match 1 with 2061 and 4th, very narrowly ahead of Surrey's 2056 and Essex on 2049. Matthew Sharpe (Surrey) hit 572.

After two matches, London lead with 30 points (and an aggregate of exactly 4400) from Southampton on 27. London are aiming for their third senior SEAL title in four seasons. Surprise package Brunel sit third on 25. Behind the leading trio, Essex and Portsmouth are 4th and 5th, both on 22. Despite being virtual ever presents in SEAL, Brunel have never finished in the top half of the senior table, although they did finish 3rd (but out of 4 teams) in 2004/05.

Back to the present day and Southampton won the two novice matches by 157 and 182, breaking 1400 and then 1500. Samuel Mott and Jon Arnason (both Southampton) top scored in the two matches. Behind Southampton however, clubs took points from one another in closely fought encounters. Match 1 saw 2nd to 6th split by 60 points and match 2 saw 2nd to 4th split by 25. London (4th and 3rd), Imperial (3rd and 4th) and Reading (5th and 2nd) now all have 25 points, 5 behind leaders Southampton. Portsmouth were second in match 1, but dropped to 10th in match 2, having only fielded two archers. A score of 433 would have guaranteed Portsmouth another second place.

See the current SEAL 2015/16 standings.

Article wrapping up the NEUAL season so far will follow, once the final match results are in. Reminder that entries for BUCS Indoors are now open and will remain open until Thursday 21st January 2016.

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