E-November E-League [11/Dec/15]

Round 2 of the E-League is traditionally when the season gets going with November providing lots of regional league matches to feed the beast. On that note, reviews of SSS match 2, SEAL matches 1 and 2 and several NEUAL fixtures will all follow soon.

In Division 1 Round 2, Southampton just outdid defending champions Warwick again, to edge a second point in front in the overall race. Loughborough (who entered no score in Round 1) were third in Round 2 and leap up to 6th in the now 9 team division. Liverpool, London and Bath were 4th 5th and 6th, but hold on to 3rd, 4th and 5th overall. In Division 2, Birmingham A top scored very comfortably again and have a two point lead over Warwick B. However, as only A teams are eligible for Division 1, Birmingham are already overwhelming favourites for promotion. The next best A team in Division 2 is Swansea on 9 points, 11 behind.

The popularity of the E-League ought not be in doubt, if only for the response Adam Peers (Loughborough, BUTTS Organiser) gets from his occasional collation of regional league team results. What if these scores could be organised, in to some kind of electronic league... Following a drive from UKSAA and the Regional League Organisers, participation levels in this year's E-League are improving, with unis returning to the fold. However it is disappointing to see big names still dropping down the divisions due to inactivity.

After two rounds, Birmingham B and Surrey A lead the way in Division 3, whilst Reading A and Plymouth A top Divison 4. The catch-all Conference is still wide open.

Southampton won their second successive Novice Division 1 leg, this time by 220 points, rather than 5. Southampton now hold a 4 point lead over Napier who were fourth. Cambridge and Warwick finished just ahead of Napier, but did not enter a score in Round 1. London and Bath are third and fourth after Round 2.

Robert Gray (Nottingham Trent) now has 40/40 league points, but he is followed by Andrew Howe (Southampton) and Tom Hall (Warwick) on 37 and 36. Hall was second in Round 2, just ahead of Howe. Ladies recurve is now very finely balanced. The top four in round 2 were split by 2 points, with Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham) winning and moving to 32 league points, 4th overall. In the lead, there is a 3 way tie on 37 between Sara Rubio, Ally Miller (both Southampton) and Margaux Mesle (Liverpool).

Round 3 scores can be shot until 31st January (i.e. December and January combined) and it doesn't matter if you or your club hasn't entered scores so far. Round 3 scores must be submitted by 5th February, with results published on 7th February. BUCS Indoors is on 6th February to keep everyone entertained in the meantime. BUCS have announced that entries will cost £14.00pp and BUCScore is open from Tuesday 15th December 2015 until Thursday 21st January 2016.

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