BUTC is like a red red rose [23/Nov/16]

Hosting duties for BUTC 2017 have been awarded to Lancaster. The tournament will take place on Sunday 5th March, see the BUTC section.

Lancaster become the fourth club to host BUTC for a second time, having also done so in 2013, when Oxford beat Edinburgh in the final. BUTC returns to the NEUAL area for the fourth time.

The Red Roses first attended BUTC in 2005 and have been ever-presents since. They have made the Round of 16 in the last two seasons, but their best BUTC performance came at Swansea in 2009. A team of Matthew McCormack, John Lane and Michael Bass qualified in second place and swept through to the semi-finals, knocking out defending champions Edinburgh in the QFs. They lost to eventual winners Nottingham by a single disc, but they beat Oxford in the bronze medal match. Lancaster also made the quarter-finals in 2010 and again in 2012.

Lancaster's score of 2242 in match W2 (on 12th Nov) saw them beat defending champions Liverpool by over 100 points, Liverpool scored 2111 in response, with Margaux Mesle (Liverpool) hitting 574 to top score in the match - her score is also thought to be a new NEUAL ladies record. Taking Lancaster to maximum points in the match were Tom Wilson on 570 and a 562 from Jay Tserkezie. Third place in the match were Central Lancashire. In the Eastern Conference match on the same day Hull (2032) beat Huddersfield, with Sheffield in third. Lancaster and Hull won the respective novice matches. Lancaster lead both senior and novice NEUAL tables with two wins from two.

Elsewhere, provisional scores from SSS match 3 have been published. Edinburgh ran away with a very straighforward victory, scoring 2244 with a winning margin of over 200. Napier, Aberdeen and Dundee finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th for the third match in row, all in the low 2000s. Guy Matzkin (Edinburgh) was top scorer in the match on 581, whilst there were matching 566s for Lisa Mei Kompfner and Neringa Siugzdintye (both Edinburgh). Edinburgh won the novice match from Heriot-Watt who were second in the match and second overall.

Full results from SSS match 3 and BUTTS match 1 will be published shortly.

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