Midlands Round Up [08/Jun/22]

This article reviews BUTTS Field Champs, Outdoor Champs and the Varsity match.

BUTTS Field Championships were held on Sunday 15th May. The team round element was 1 compound, 1 recurve and 1 barebow, with archers able to step "up" a bowstyle (e.g. 2 recurves and a barebow) if personnel required it. Warwick pinched the team round with 916 ahead of 905 from Nottingham. Loughborough won the novice event. Top individuals were Chris Woodgate (Warwick) and Louisa Piper (Nottingham), with Charlie Alvarez (Northampton) and Ffion Edgeley (Loughborough) second. Callum Platt (Birmingham) was top compound, Rens van Velzen (Warwick) was top barebow. Both novice recurve divisions were extremely close between first and second. Ben Young (Nottingham) beat Haydn Lloyd (Loughborough) 325-322, whilst Ramona Seremesic edged Amy Phelps (both Warwick) 335-334.

BUTTS Outdoor Championships were held on Saturday 21st May. The round used was a WA900, to mimic BUCS Outdoors. After missing out by 3 points and 1 point in league match 3 and the Indoor Champs, Nottingham took their first BUTTS win of the season by 5 points from Oxford with Warwick not far behind. Nottingham scored 3212, with the Dark Blues on 3207 and Warwick third on 3171. Loughborough were fourth, just failing to hit 3000. Warwick won the novice team event quite comfortably, with 2737, enough to be 300 clear of second placed Coventry.

Only 7 points covered the top 5 gents, with So Chun Ngai Ugo (Birmingham) top on 827. In contrast Louisa Piper (Nottingham) was 42 clear of the field on 845. Ben Evans (Loughborough), Yang Pei (Oxford) were second and third, with James Gardner and Chris Woodgate (Warwick) just outisde the medals. Hannah Evans (Nottingham) just pipped Ffion Edgeley (Loughborough) to second 803 to 802. Sam Cartwright (Nottingham) was top of a closely contested compound division on 866, whilst Rens van Velzen (Warwick) and Simran Panesar (Nottingham) were top barebows both in the mid 630s. Luc Davison and Ramona Seremesic (both Warwick) were the top novices and both broke 700.

Despite the Covid break, BUTTS clubs have enjoyed another strong season. Nottingham, Oxford and Warwick have all been particularly strong. Loughborough were fourth, despite a Portsmouth team of 4 average (2195) that would have seen them win any of other 4 leagues. The final results and tables are on the BUTTS 2021/22 page.

At the 72nd Oxford v Cambridge Varsity match (held 8th May), Oxford won the senior men's and women's team events, with Cambridge taking the novice honours. Held on an Albion/Windsor, the top scorers were Callum Henfrey and Ecaterina Pogorenii (both Oxford) on 880 and 894. Cat Darsley (Cambridge) was top novice on 707. Team results can be seen in the Other Fixtures 2021/22 page.

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