E-League Review of 21/22 [13/Sep/22]

Before an E-League 22/23 Preview, first a look back to wrap up last season's E-results. The delayed scores from Round 5, March, were initially published in mid August, with finalised results now available following corrections. Nottingham have become E-League champions for the first time, see the E-League website.

Reminder that scores for Round 1 of the 22/23 E-League can be shot any time between 1st September and 31st October. They can't be submitted yet - separate announcement to follow. Also, scores for the E-League's sister competition, the Summer Rankings, must be submitted by 30th September.

Heading in to the final round of 2021/22, Nottingham held a 4 point lead, and finshing second in Round 5 guaranteed they would become E-League champions for the first time. Nottingham accrued 73 out of a possible 75 points. A win for Oxford in Round 5 meant they overtook Warwick right on the finishing line, 69 to 68 in the overall standings. This was also Oxford's first ever outright E-League round victory and means that 2021/22 was the first E-League season since 2014/15 to have three different teams win a round. Loughborough finished fourth in the Round and were fourth overall landing on 53 points. Huddersfield (46) and Coventry (44) overtook Birmingham (42) who didn't enter scores for the Round. Cambridge were eighth overall and complete the leading group on 41. Newcastle and Plymouth took the last spots in the top 10.

Nottingham, Oxford, Huddersfield, Coventry, Newcastle, West of Scotland, Lincoln and Oxford Brookes all recorded their best ever E-League finishes.

With a fifth round win in five, Louisa Piper (Nottingham) was too strong for the rest of the ladies recurve field, completing a clean sweep with 100 points. Her teammate Hannah Evans (Nottingham) was second on 92, Zoe Harley (Oxford) third on 81. Hannah Burnage (Warwick) and Ffion Edgeley (Loughborough) were fourth and fifth both on 68. 15 of the top 16 women recurves who entered the E-League 2021/22 were BUTTS archers. Louisa Piper is the first senior recurve to complete a clean sweep since Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh) in 2010/11.

The men's title had looked set to go to James Woodgate (Warwick), with Yang Pei (Oxford) 3 points behind with Round 5 to go, however Woodgate didn't return a score for March. Pei's second place in the round took him to 95 points overall, with Woodgate still second on 79. Alex Rowe (Plymouth) was third ahead of Callum Henfrey (Oxford). Both men had 75 points with the outgoing SWWU organiser edging out the incoming BUTTS organiser by only 11 points on aggregate. Ben Evans (Loughborough) was 5th on 69 points after maximum points in Round 5.

In the other bowstyles, Zara Green (Birmingham) and Sam Cartwright (Nottingham) were top compounds, Alice Uloth (Newcastle) and Matt Waters (Nottingham) were top barebows, whilst Jo Bennet (Huddersfield) and Samuel Bowden (Coventry) were top longbows. Matt Waters completed a 100 point clean sweep. Alice Uloth won ladies barebow without winning any individual round.

In the novice team standings, Coventry were second in the round and held off Warwick (third) 70 points to 66, with Nottingham (round 5 winners) third overall on 59. Ramona Seremesic overtook Amy Phelps (both Warwick) in Round 5 to claim the top female novice recurve. Bo Zhang held on against David Bosmans (both Coventry) on the gents novice recurve side. Sara Gledhill (Huddersfield) and Raul Anton Gutierrez (Coventry) were top novice barebows.

An updated Archive Summary and Individual Monthly Winners spreadsheet have also been published, both within the E-League section of the UKSAA website.

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