Swansea win, Loughborough win again [25/Nov/09]

Swansea captured the first SWWU match of the season with a narrow win over Bath, the Welsh side scoring 2161 to come out on top by 12 points. Hosts Exeter were third, with just under 2000, whilst Gloucestershire made their SWWU debut, albeit with only two recurve archers - club founder Stuart Whythe and novice Craig Lemon accompanied by compound Lawrence Devenish.

In the match itself, a pair of 560s from Peter Haines and Rhodri Curnow propelled Swansea towards what was looking like a relatively straightforward victory. However SWWU rules stipulate that senior team scores must be mixed, so if the highest four scores are all shot by gents, the fourth gent's score is dropped in favour of the highest lady's score. Swansea's top four gents scored 2197, but their SWWU score was adjusted to 2161. Despite a 553 from Amy Lavery, Bath fell just short with 2149. Exeter were third on 1994, but the hosts did win the novice match by almost 300, Swansea just pipping Bath to second. Gloucestershire picked up one point in both senior and novice matches.

In BUTTS, Loughborough extended their lead in the BUTTS table, with a score of 2249 to claim maximum points in their third BUTTS League Match. Loughborough's team of Matt Cole, Alex Hill, James Cowie and Mike Furlong finished in exactly the same order as the previous weekend, the top three this time recording 569, 568 and 567. Hosts Oxford also broke through the 2200 barrier with 2207 and in David Longworth had the match's top scorer on 574. Cambridge finished third on 2151, Tim Craig top scoring. Derby were fourth again, but 60 points up on the previous week. The result puts Loughborough well clear at the top of the senior table, but having played extra matches.

In the novice match Cambridge won easily, with Loughborough beating Oxford to second place. Derby were fourth.

The first two Irish IVL matches of the year have also been held with Dublin City recording big wins in both with UC Dublin second both times. James Ryan (UC Dublin) broke the IIVL record in both matches so far with FITA 18 scores of 562, then 564. David Kennefick (Dublin IT) and Shane Jordan (Dublin City) were second and third respectively in both legs. See current IIVL standings.

Results from NEUAL and SUS have yet to materialise from either of the last two weekends. If your club hosted a match (Dundee, St Andrews, York, Bradford and Keele) please make sure the results are sent to the League Organiser and me as soon as possible so I can update my tables. More details on SEAL to follow.

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