Power of two - results round up [15/Dec/09]

This article covers two SEAL matches, two NEUAL matches and E-League round 2 (November) that UKSAA has received scores for. Just in case you were wondering, UKSAA is not hoarding results unpublished - if you shot in a match and the results are not on display then that is because the results have not been sent to me, so nag whoever it is you need to nag.

The first set of SEAL results saw old rivals Imperial and Surrey claiming maximum points in their opening encounters. Jordan Muscatello 564 and Robin Baumgarten 555 took the Imps to just a handful of points short of 2200 with Brunel beating Sussex to second place - scores were extracted from the Brunel Open on 28th November. Whilst Imperial were racking up an easy win, Surrey had a much closer call, 2105 plays 2088 against Southampton on 5th December, with London trailing in third. Matt Sharpe carried Surrey over the line with a 571 - the next highest score in the match was a 535. The two novice match results were almost identical to the respective senior fixtures with Imperial winning easily and Surrey edging past Southampton.

Brad Keogh (Southampton) is effectively running SEAL this year - could all SEAL clubs please ensure they get their fixtures sorted out as soon as possible. One more SEAL fixture now has a date. Essex wll host Kent and Reading on Sat 30th Jan.

In NEUAL it's two wins out of two for Sheffield with scores of 2155 and 2122, giving the 2007/08 NEUAL champions the perfect start. Rory Campbell (Sheffield) top scored in both matches with 568 and 554. Other high scores in the two matches were a 555 from Bob Smith (Liverpool) and Rob Russell (Durham) on 552, enough to take both of their sides into second place. Bradford and Huddersfield finished third in their respective matches. Bethany Woodcock (Huddersfield) shot 549. Liverpool beat Bradford 2099 to 1978, whilst Durham beat Huddersfield 2044 to 1848. The novice fixtures were both easy wins for Sheffield who scored in 1454 in both, with only Durham providing much of a challenge.

Results from E-League round 2 November have now been out for a while and there are new leaders in Division 1. Nottingham roared to the top of the table, winning this round with 2308, but with Loughborough beating Edinburgh into third 2282 to 2281, Nottingham now have 19 points, Edinburgh 18 and Loughborough 17. Warwick and Surrey established themselves as mid-table, finishing in fourth and fifth again. Lancaster have taken the outright lead in Division 2. Edinburgh maintained their hold of Compound Division 1, but finished third in the month in Novice Division 1 and are now level on points with Nottingham on 18. Cambridge won claimed maximum points in the month are now third on 15. In the E-League's individual standings George Harding (Nottingham) drew level with Matt Sharpe (Surrey) on 39 out of 40. Kyshiea George-Steele (Edinburgh) leads ladies recurve as she took maximum points this month. Stefan Gies and Ali Sewell (both Edinburgh) lead compound standings. The novice gents table is yet to settle - top placed Wenbo He (Nottingham) has 24 points leading a tightly packed bunch, whilst Mary Campbell (Edinburgh) leads the ladies novices on 39.

Round 3 of the E-League comprises scores shot during December and January and must be submitted by Fri 5th Feb.


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