BUCS, BUTTS and Steven Johnson [10/Jun/10]

With BUCS Outdoors looming on Saturday, a few last minute notices. The field for camping will be open from 18:00 on Friday, although some degree of decorum is expected after 23:00 as there is an early start on Saturday. Registration is open at 07:00, with assembly at 08:30. Hosts are Birmingham with help from PRISM. The contact email is bucs2010@@ubarchery.co.uk with Steven Johnson the man in charge. Johnson is also BUCS SMG Student Representative for 2009/10, but after being appointed by the SMG last year, suggested their should be an election for any interested candidates for the 2010/11 season. The SMG will have a meeting on Sunday morning.

Carbon arrows are allowed, but jeans are not. Camping costs £7 per tent per night - there is also a refundable damage deposit of £50 per club.

BUCS are also requesting any univerisities interested in hosting the 2011 Championships indoors or outdoors to get in contact with them. Same applies for interest in BUTC 2011 to UKSAA. BUCS Indoors' preferred date is the second Saturday in March. BUTC's preferred date is at least two weeks away from BUCS Indoors and not clashing with the National Championships.

More details can be found on the tournament website: www.ubarchery.co.uk/bucs2010/

As well as hosting BUCS Outdoors, Birmingham also hosted BUTTS Outdoor Champs, a St. George/Albion for the seniors and an Albion/Windsor for the novices, on 23rd May. This round can be used a qualifying score for BUCS. Steven Johnson (Birmingham) is in additional to his other roles, BUTTS League Organiser for 2009/10 - and was recently re-elected to do the job again in the 2010/11 season.

Warwick won BUTTS Outdoors itself with a combined score of 2756 with a top score of 705 from Rachael Hutchison. Second place was closely contested with Birmingham edging out Loughborough 2572 to 2555, although Matt Cole (Loughborough) was top gent with 761, ahead of second gent - and student archery's current busiest man - Steven Johnson (Birmingham) on 726. Warwick were well clear in the novice team category. Nottingham gave little clue as to their form leading into BUCS Outdoors, as the BUCS Indoors and BUTC silver medallists were largely absent from the competition.

Best of luck to all those testing themselves over 144 arrows at Lilleshall on Saturday.

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