BUCS Indoors 2010 Review [02/Apr/10]

The behemoth that is BUCS Indoor Champs rolled in to Sheffield in 2010. For the first time, the event was incorporated in the wider BUCS Champsionship weekend. Held at Sheffield United's training facility, there were a massive 446 starters, exactly matching the record set two years ago.

Edinburgh won the tournament with a blistering display from their top four - a team total of 2294, two higher than the BUCS record they notched last year. Erik Rowbotham and Jenny Jeppsson pitched in 580 points each, with a 572 from Kyshiea Steele and 562 from Naomi Jones, breaking the competition record for an astonishing fifth year in a row. As at BUTC, Nottingham were runners up winning the club's first BUCS team medals with a total of 2248. George Harding top scored with 578, getting team silver along with Laura Bell 562, David Middleton-Gear 555 and Chris Fry 553. Southampton kept up their excellent recent record at BUCS events by clinching third place on 2231 - this is one better than last year and the south coast's best result in this event since they won back in 1992. Southampton's bronze medal winning quartet were Brad Keogh on 569, Sam Bird 564, Chirstopher Skipper 558 and Jess Mead 540. Imperial took fourth place, beating Loughborough by a single point, 2206 to 2205. Imperial's total was very much a team effort with four scores sandwiched between 555 and 544. Even a 571 from Matt Cole could not quite push Loughborough past the SEAL champions. Just below the 2200 mark, Oxford were sixth on 2195, only narrowly ahead of Warwick on 2192, with their respective top scorers David Longworth on 576 and Matt Dale on 577. The scramble for eighth place and with it the last BUCS point, was won by Reading with 2180, adding this to their BUTC semi final appearance. Reading were led home by Graeme Anderson's 560. Birmingham finished ninth on 2176 and there was just room inside the top ten for hosts Sheffield who scored 2161. There were no less than 36 complete recurve teams of four in the field, with nearly half of them going over 2100.

The novice team category was extremely closely fought with the medal winning sides fully 40 points clear of the rest of the field but within 10 of each other. Edinburgh's total of 1563 was just enough to beat Nottingham's total of 1559, hosts Sheffield in third place on 1553. Edinburgh's winning trio were Siobhan Garner on 526, Migle Petruskeviciute on 522 and Fraser Keir on 515. Nottingham also won novice team silver at this event last year with Rob Umpleby 538, Adam Przeslak 520 and Ryan Dalton 501 taking the 2010 honours. Sheffield's novice team made sure of some home success with ascores of 524 from Stuart Sinclair, 519 from Claire Connor, and 510 from Gareth Beeby. Oxford led the chasing pack and were the only other club to break 1500 with 1509, including James Dunbar's 536. Birmingham and Essex were just the wrong side of 1500, the BUTTS club taking fifth place 1495 to 1490. Cambridge were seventh, just ahead of Exeter, 1464 to 1460, with Reading further back on ninth on 1412, Napier squeezing Warwick out of the top ten on hits, with both clubs on 1402.

Jamie Adams (London) defended the BUCS Indoors gents recurve title (his third overall) with 587, enough to win by five points, and only 1 away from the competition record. Sam Perkins (Kent) went one better than bronze last year with silver courtesy of 582, whilst Erik Rowbotham (Edinburgh) grabbed individual bronze with a 580. The top ten gent recurves all broke 570 and were tightly packed, but remarkably there were no ties. Just outside of the medals, competition was fierce with current BUCS Outdoors champion George Harding (Nottingham) fourth with 578, one ahead of Matt Dale (Warwick) on 577, himself one ahead of David Longworth (Oxford) on 576. Rory Campbell (Sheffield) notched 574 in seventh, whilst Michael Judd (Essex) and Matt Cole (Loughborough) were eighth and ninth with 572 and 571 with Matthew Sharpe (Surrey) rounding out the top ten with 571. Just outside the top ten were Bradley Keogh and Sam Bird (both Southampton) with 569 and 564. John Lane (Lancaster) and Jack Bryant (Birmingham) did need golds to be split, Lane's 30 beating Bryant's 26, the pair on 562, whilst Graeme Anderson (Reading) was next on 560.

Ladies recurve was, once again, an Edinburgh affair. Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh) won this title for the fifth year in a row with 580. As at the Outdoors, it was Kyshiea Steele (Edinburgh) who provided most resistance with 572. There was another big drop to third place as Naomi Jones (Edinburgh) and Laura Bell (Nottingham) finished with identical totals, 562/60/27 each. The gap from fourth to fifth was an astonishing 15 points as only three more ladies managed to break 540. Julie Chenery (Reading) scored 547 ahead of Nicola Turner (Nottingham) sixth on 543 with Jess Mead (Southampton) on exactly 540.

In the individual novice categories, Rob Umpleby (Nottingham) just kept out James Dunbar (Oxford) 538 to 536. Jorge Lindley (Warwick) completed a BUTTS 1-2-3 with 529 enough for bronze. Stuart Sinclair (Sheffield) just missed out on a medal for the hosts as he scored 524, with Adam Przeslak (Nottingham) on 520. In total seventeen novice gents broke 500, with sixth placed Fraser Keir (Edinburgh) on 515 at the top of a densely packed main field. As for novice ladies, this mirrored the senior ladies with a very strong Edinburgh theme. Champion was Siobhan Garner (Edinburgh) on 526 a few points ahead of Migle Petruskeviciute (Edinburgh) on 522. Claire Connor (Sheffield) claimed bronze with 519. There was a 12 point drop down to Rachel Wilner (Essex) on 507 with seven ladies breaking 500.

Moving into the compound categories, gents compound was effectively a two horse race with Tapani Kalmaru (UWI Cardiff) and Matthew Arnold (Nottingham Trent) slugging it out well clear of the field, Kalmaru winning the title, 48 to 47 golds, 588 to 587 points. Jonathan Goodman (Hertfordshire) won bronze with 570, just keeping Sam Perkins (Kent) from winning two individual medals with his 568. There were only five senior lady compounds, with Naomi Jones (Edinburgh) coming out on top with 559 and winning her third medal of the day. Top novice compound was Neil Russell (Edinburgh) on 554.

In total there were over 50 entrants in barebow and the large number helped to produce a very close finish to senior gents. Andrew Tappenden (Swansea) held on to the title he won last year - but only just. Tappenden's total of 495 was only just enough to see off Jonathan Brownett (Aberystwyth) on 492 and Andrew Buchan (Loughborough) on 491 who won silver and bronze. It wouldn't have been enough to win ladies barebow, however, as Amyce Smith-Bannister (Bath) shot 496 to win. Top novice gent barebow was Christopher Mclean (Bath) on 451 whilst top lady novice was Viktorija Belak (Sheffield) on 473. Special mention also to Colette Bailey (Swansea) on 472, who along with Belak broke Smith-Bannister's own BUCS/All Unis novice record set only last year.

Chris White (Edinburgh) won gents longbow with a score of 428 well clear of Alec Geoghegan (Loughborough) and James Cram (Birmingham) second and third on 393 and 391. The highest scoring lady longbow was the only novice, Jessica Turberville (Loughborough) on 309. Top gent longbow novice was Jonathan Ellis (Loughborough) on 384. For the second year running both novice longbow BUCS and All Unis were broken, the gents record by 11, the ladies record by a whopping 68.

Thanks to Sheffield and Louise Smith and the huge volume of volunteers who helped put this competition together - this time folded in to the general BUCS Indoor Championship. Also thanks to many hundreds of archers, in particular Aberystwyth for their netting, provided at extremely short notice and both Aberystwyth and Southampton for assistance in packing up. Thanks too to Sheffield United FC for use of their astroturf. Normally at this juncture thoughts turn to BUCS Indoors 2011, however there is a more immediate issue at hand. At time of writing, BUCS Outdoors 2010 is without a host university. The competition is currently scheduled for Saturday 12th June at Lilleshall NSC - if you are interested in hosting, please get in touch with James Cowie or Aaron Campbell immediately.

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