Swans fly towards SWWU title [28/May/10]

Time for a catch up with some results from around the leagues.

Swansea won the third SWWU league match of the season on 8th May to all but secure their first ever SWWU senior title. The round was a Gents/Ladies FITA, with a Metric I/II for the novices - you might recognise this from such competitions as BUCS Outdoors. Rhodri Curnow lead Swansea home, with a team total fractionally under 3000. Bath were second, but Exeter fielded no ladies, and their team total was thus limited to their three top scoring gents. Two man Gloucestershire finished fourth as the teams finished in the same order as in the first two legs.

The fourth and final SWWU leg of this season will be extracted from BUCS Outdoors scores. Swansea need only to avoid finishing last to guarantee the SWWU senior title. The novice title could still go to any of the top three. Bath won this novice match, with Swansea beating Exeter to second place. Exeter lead the novice table overall on 10 points ahead of Bath on 9 and Swansea on 8. See current SWWU tables.

Elsewhere, SUS Outdoors produced a comfortable win for Edinburgh at senior and novice level, with Aberdeen leading the chasing pack in both senior and novice categories. From the SUS League, Aberdeen scored 2093 to win the final SUS League match against Napier and Strathclyde and finish second in the senior table. Strathclyde were forced to submit postal scores after their Union deemed driving conditions too dangerous, on the Friday night before a Saturday match back in February. Strathclyde beat Napier to second in the senior match, with Seb Marler (Aberdeen) top individual with 550. In the novice match Aberdeen and Napier were effectively shooting off for second place in the SUS Novice league, Aberdeen coming out on top, Napier, second in the match, third in the end of season table. See final SUS tables and results.

Two more SEAL matches, Surrey v Essex v Brunel and Essex v London v Sussex were extracted from the BUCS scores. Surrey narrowly beat Essex 2132 to 2113 with Brunel back on 1845. Essex's 2113 was enough to beat London who scored 2041 with Sussex a DNS. High scorers in these matches were Matthew Sharpe (Surrey) on 570 and Michael Judd (Essex) on 572 who both finished inside the top 10 gent recurves, Jamie Adams (London) 587 winning gents recurve outright for the third time.

Essex won both novice matches to claim the SEAL Novice League with maximum points. Surrey and London were second in the respective matches with Brunel third (against Essex and Surrey) whilst Sussex were a DNS (against Essex and London).

The results Surrey with the ability to finish second in the senior table, assuming they win the only remaining SEAL match, Surrey v Kent v Sussex. Sussex are thought to have hosted this match back in January, but no results have appeared. Surrey and Kent are in an effective shoot off for second place in the novice league. See current SEAL standings.

Results from NEUAL's remining league matches and indoor championship will be published when available.

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