Indoor Results Round Up [05/Apr/10]

This article discusses the second SWWU match of the season, 3 Irish Inter Varsity League matches, February's ELeague and one SEAL match extracted from the BUCS Indoor Champs scores. Hence the title.

Starting off in the south west on 20th Feb, home side Bath ran Swansea all the way, but once again the Welsh side came out narrowly on top, this time the margin was seven points, Swansea with 2129 against Bath's 2122. Neither side were affected by the mixed team rule, although Exeter did drop points but it did not affect the team result as they were a distant third, with two-man Gloucestershire fourth. Rhodri Curnow and Shuan Mudd both shot low 550s to carry Swansea closer to a potential first senior SWWU title. Going in to the last matches Swansea have the upper hand in terms of league points against Bath (8 plays 6) but the two sides are so closely matched that anything could happen in the remaining matches.

Exeter won the novice match convincingly on 1426 and are clear at the top with two wins out of two - contrasting sharply to last year where they finished third out of three in all five fixtures. Bath and Swansea both shot in the high 1200s and now have virtually identical records.

SWWU's remaining fixture(s) will be held in Swansea on the weekend of the 8th May. Swansea are currently looking in to hosting a double leg, one SWWU match on the Saturday and another one on the Sunday, although this is still to be confirmed.

The final set of E-League results for March (which will include BUCS scores) and the end season tables will be released this week.

Looking back at February's E-League scores, Edinburgh were top scorers in Division 1 and now on 38, have five point lead going into March. Edinburgh would need a total collapse to avoid winning and broke the BUCS record during March. Loughborough are second on 33 points, with Warwick on 31 and Nottingham on 27 after their no score for Dec/Jan. Birmingham sit top Divison 2 with 32, just ahead of charging Southampton who are on 30, having won the last three rounds and with their bronze medal winning total at BUCS still to count. Bath look slightly too far behind on 27. Divison 2 has four teams within two points at the top, all B sides. Bath B have already won Division 4 and Reading A have already won the Conference.

In the Novice E-League divisions, Edinburgh are all but confirmed as champions on 37, with Birmingham and Warwick both on 29 in contention for second, unless Nottingham on 26 can spring a big win. Oxford and Southampton look in pole position to win promotion from Novice Division 2, whilst Surrey are definitely up from Novice Division 3, with Essex almost certain to join them.

Matt Sharpe (Surrey) is sitting on 79 out of 80 with another maximum in February, currently eleven points clear of Matt Cole (Loughborough), whilst ladies recurve is closer with Kyshiea George-Steele (Edinburgh) on 77 ahead of Naomi Jones (Edinburgh) on 73 and Julie Chenery (Reading) 68.

Results from the Irish Inter Varsity legs at NUI Galway, Carlow IT and Galway-Mayo IT are now up in the IIVL section of this site. Reminder that the format is team of five, including up to one compound, recurves shooting a FITA 18. Beginners shoot a Portsmouth until they break 400, when they become seniors. Barebows also shoot Portsmouth and overall league positions are calculated on total match aggregate. NUI Galway won their home leg, with Limerick second, Dublin City a distant third. However, Dublin City won the next two legs to make it four out of five so far and give them a 666 point lead. Limerick and UC Dublin finished second and third in the two most recent legs and are locked together - after five matches the totals are 11758-11755 in Limerick's favour.

Finally, extracted from the BUCS Indoors scores, one SEAL match between Southampton and Reading and not Sussex, who did not attend. Southampton's bronze medal winning total of 2231 was enough to secure all three points, whilst Reading's 2180 was enough for eighth at BUCS and second place here. The novice match results was reversed with Reading scoring 1412 to beat Southampton who scored 1366. These results leave Southampton second in the senior SEAL table, although they could still be overhauled by Surrey. Reading go temporarily top of the novice table.

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