Everything everywhere all at once [17/Feb/23]

The Central BUCS Regional Qualifier is being held at Manchester Met on Sat 18th Feb with Northern (Stirling) and Southern (Bristol) qualifiers a week later. Links to the ianseo pages for the three events are in the BUCS Indoors section. NEUAL, SEAL and SWWU will all extract a match from these scores.

Results from NEUAL Indoor Champs and SEAL match 3, both from the weekend of 11th/12th Feb, have been published. Scores from SSS match 5 and SWWU match 4 will appear later. Sheffield and Southampton won the two fixtures, with Leeds and East Anglia staying top of the the overall NEUAL and SEAL tables.

NEUAL Indoors was held on 12th Feb at Huddersfield. Sheffield took top spot with 2142, a score of 576 from Jack Wells helping to propel his side 36 points clear. BUTC hosts Leeds were second, narrowly pushing Central Lancs into third, the pair ending on 2106 and 2101. Georgia Green (UCLan) scored exactly 560. Behind the top three there were drops of around 80 points to fourth and then a further 50 to fifth as York scored 2022 and Newcastle 1971. The rest of the field were a further hundred points adrift of that. The match saw the first appearance of Salford at a NEUAL fixture since March 2019 - they placed 12th out of the 15 teams competing.

Southampton scored a big win in SEAL match 3. They scored 2211 with second third and fourth all in the lower 2100s. For Southampton, Min Seok Kim scored 579 to lead his side home. Surrey were second on 2143, with Imogen Newby the top scorer in the match on 583. Newby helped to nudge her team into second, just 4 points ahead of East Anglia's 2139. Kit-Lun Tong (UEA) hit 563. Brunel and Royal Holloway both scored 1980, with Brunel taking fifth spot on hits. Elsewhere in the match Charlotte Hempsell (ARU) scored 569.

The NEUAL results leave Leeds on 39 points, their greater consistency vaulting them five clear of the chasing pack. York, Central Lancashire, Sheffield, Newcastle and Durham are all sandwiched between 34 and 31. Leeds have never won NEUAL outright, although they were involved in a dramatic last day scramble for the title last season.

East Anglia still lead the SEAL table - despite two 2nds and a 3rd - on 41 points. The defending champions may be looking in the mirror though, as Surrey (40) and Southampton (38) both made up ground in match 3. Imperial also have 38 points. SEAL looks as though it might well deliver yet another knife edge finish.

In the novice match, Newcastle scored 1429 to win by almost 100 points from Leeds' 1334. Sheffield were third on 1277. Alfred Hodges (Newcastle) was top individual novice on 501. Newcastle have a maximum 60 points, with Leeds on 56. Imperial won SEAL novice match 3 on 1470, with UEA's 1436 the only team close. Southampton were third but back on 1330. Top individuals were Daniel Ng (UEA) on 526 and Johnny Chan (Imperial) 520. UEA have established a big lead in the novice table with 44 points to Imperial's 37.

NEUAL also have an Unsighted match, usually including barebows and a few longbows. This time there were a few Asiatic bows as well. Huddersfield were the top team with 1332, ahead of Sheffield's 1298. Those two clubs now both have 38 points in this league table, 6 clear of everyone else. Daniel Kilgallon (UCLan) was top barebow in the match with 518.

The results for NEUAL Indoor champs also included a separate Non-Binary classification.

See NEUAL 2022/23 page and the SEAL 2022/23 page for updated tables and match results in full.

SWWU match 4 results are due imminently. SSS aren't releasing the full results of match 5 until the SSS Indoor Champs, on 4th March. Barring a catastrophic result however, Dundee will claim their first senior SSS league title, with Heriot-Watt and Strathclyde contesting second place.

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