November wrap up - most of it [01/Dec/22]

SSS match 3 (19th Nov) was won by Dundee, who stretch their lead at the top. SEAL match 1 (26/27 Nov) saw Southampton edge out East Anglia.

In a match held on a Worcester, the change of target face made no difference to the winning team. Dundee were top once again and were the only team to break four figures on 1032. Heriot-Watt took second spot for the first time this season on 994, a little ahead of St Andrews' 977, for whom Yohann Renault top scored in the match on 279. Strathclyde (who had been second in the table going in to this match) were fourth on 954. Aberdeen completed the leading group on 926, with 276 from Rebecca Leigh. Alex Lai (Dundee) and Niels Gouw (Heriot-Watt) were just under 270.

Dundee picked up maximum points for the third match on the bounce and sit top on 45/45. Significantly, the teams behind them have now all taken points off each other - three different teams have finished second so far. This leaves Dundee a massive 6 points clear with only two more matches anticipated after Christmas. To put that in perspective, since 2010, Dundee's best league finish was 4th in 2017/18.

The following weekend, SEAL began and a close match unfolded. Sixty points would have covered the top 5 teams, with an opening duel between Southampton and East Anglia deciding maximum points. Southampton shot 2132 on the Saturday, with UEA falling just short on 2125 a day later. A further three teams were not far under the 2100 mark. Imperial were third on 2094, just 10 points ahead of Anglia Ruskin who were in turn 9 points ahead of Surrey on 2073. Top scorer in the match was Charlotte Hempsell (ARU) on 581, with Imogen Newby (Surrey) scoring 574.

In the novice match UEA were top with 1205 ahead of ARU in second. Top individual was Sophie Davies (Southampton) on 498.

Southampton take outright first place in a SEAL match for the first time since February 2018 - they have had 4 runners up spots in the meantime. For Anglia Ruskin, 4th place in the leg matches their best ever single match result from December 2018. ARU took no part at all in SEAL last year and it wasn't even clear if the club was still active, post Covid, so this is a very strong result, particularly when you couple it with second place in the novice match.

Results and tables can be seen on SSS 2022/23 and SEAL 2022/23 pages.

Results from SWWU match 2 and E-League Round 1 will follow when available. Results for E-League Round 2 should be submitted by Wed 7th Dec. E-League Round 3 runs across December AND January combined.

NEUAL match 1 and BUTTS match 1 were spread over the weekends of 26/27 Nov and 3/4 Dec. NEUAL Novice Championships took place on Sat 26th Nov in Bradford. Results for those can be seen on NEUAL 2022/23 page, but they will be reviewed alongside NEUAL match 1 results. Newcastle won the novice team event, with Leeds second. Huddersfield won the unsighted team category.

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