BUCS Indoors Review [17/Mar/09]

A new era or at the very least a new acronym began in Loughborough with the first BUCS Indoor Champs. In the event, no less than 415 starters kicked off the largest event of the student archery calendar.

Edinburgh made up for the disappointment of BUTC and won the BUCS Indoors title, making it seven in a row if you count BUSAs. Edinburgh's total of 2292, nudged last year's mark of 2291 into the history books. Edinburgh's winning team was Jenny Jeppsson 584, Erik Rowbotham and Lizzie Williams with 572 each and novice Cindy Law 564. Warwick notched a 2277 to finish second yet again, with a silver medal winning quartet of Chris Wells 578, Phil King 570, Alex Stuart 569 and Matt Dale 560. Remarkably this is Warwick's fifth consecutive second place finish in BUCS, BUTC and BUSA combined and 2277 is the third highest score ever at BUSA/BUCS. Behind the leading duo, Oxford finished on 2230, just ahead of a pack four teams all in the 2210s. Oxford's bronze medal winners were Samuel Johnson 571, David Longworth 561, Ellen Davnall 550 and David Timmins 548. Southampton, who did not attend BUTC, were the dark horses, with 2219 - fourth place their best finish since at least 1996, probably since they won the competition back in 1992. Southampton's 2219 was one more than SEAL rivals Imperial who scored 2218, Jordan Muscatello (Imperial) outscoring Robert King (Southampton) 574 to 569. Hosts Loughborough finished sixth with their top score of 575 from James Cowie giving them 2213, one ahead of BUTC champions Nottingham who slipped down into seventh place despite a 583 from George Harding. A further twenty-five points behind were Kent, eighth on 2187, boosted by a 580 from Sam Perkins. Amy Lavery's 563 was ninth placed Bath's highest score as they notched a 2172. Surrey edged out Sheffield for a place in the top ten by a single gold, 2168/240/87 to 2168/240/86. London completed the top dozen sides with 583 from Jamie Adams helping them to 2157.

Edinburgh also beat the old BUSA record for novice team as they hammered in a score of 1632 - with a team of Cindy Law 564, Russell Bannerman 545 and Alex Gilliland 523. Despite this huge effort, the Scottish side were not run-away winners. Nottingham scored 1582 to come second, team comprising Chris Fry 542, Rich Haydock 528 and Monica Pelegri 512 and there was joy for the home fans as Loughborough's novice trio won bronze - their team was Alex Hill 546, Michael Furlong 527 and Andrew Spence 492. Sheffield, Cambridge and Kent all missed out on medals but broke the 1500 mark, 524 from Achim Ammon taking Sheffield to 1530, Tak Ho on 529, the top scorer for fifth placed Cambridge on 1523 and Kent in sixth on 1511 with 526 for Alex Poxton. Birmingham's novices pipped Imperial to seventh, 1477 to 1475, while a little further back Essex's novices pipped Keele 1453 to 1452 in ninth and tenth.

The gents recurve title was decided on golds for the first time since 2000, as Jamie Adams (London) and George Harding (Nottingham) both finished on 583. Adams' 44 golds took the title ahead of Harding's 43 golds. Bronze was also decided on golds, with Samuel Perkins (Kent) beating Will Quince (Hertfordshire) 42 golds to 41, both men having finished on 580. Seven more gents broke 570. Chris Wells (Warwick) fifth on 578 had a three point cushion over James Cowie (Loughborough) who gave the home fans some cheer with a 575 to finish 6th followed by Jordan Muscatello (Imperial) on 574. Keith Harding (Hertfordshire) and Erik Rowbotham (Edinburgh) were eighth and ninth with 572 points and 36 and 35 golds respectively. A point behind them a completing the top ten was Samuel Johnson (Oxford). Just outside the top ten were Warwick duo Philip King 11th on 570 and Alex Stuart 13th on 562 and 34 golds, with Robert King (Southampton) on 562 and 37 golds taking 12th. Michael Judd (Essex) and Rory Campbell (Sheffield) led the chasing pack.

Edinburgh dominated ladies recurve with four in the top six and half of the top ten. Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh) retained the ladies recurve title for the fourth consecutive year with a score of 584 after a hectic week including the Swedish and World Championships. Elizabeth Williams (Edinburgh) made comfortably sure of silver with 572, nine clear of Amy Lavery (Bath) whose 563 was just enough for bronze. Naomi Jones (Edinburgh) was fourth on 561. Laura Bridel (Southampton) and Kyshiea Steele (Edinburgh) both finished with 560, Bridel taking fifth, 27 golds to 25. Joanne Orbell (Worcester) 558, Julie Chenery (Warwick) 552 and Ellen Davnall (Oxford) 550 were in positions seven eight and nine, with the top ten completed by Ani Zhang (Edinburgh) on 548.

Many of the novice gents recurve archers shot to a very high standard. Peter Haines (Swansea) was the winner with 554 ahead of a chasing group of three. Alex Hill (Loughborough) was second with 546, one point ahead of Russell Bannerman (Edinburgh). Chris Fry (Nottingham) just missed out on an individual medal despite shooting 542 - a score that would have been enough to win in any of the last three years. Behind the leading group, Tak Ho (Cambridge) was fifth with 529, followed in close succession by Richard Haydock (Nottingham), Michael Furlong (Loughborough), Alex Poxton (Kent), Achim Ammon (Sheffield) and Alex Gilliland (Edinburgh), all the 520s in sixth down to tenth. On 519 and rounding off the top dozen were Matthew Dalby (Edinburgh) and Tom Patterson (Sheffield).

In the novice ladies category, Cindy Law (Edinburgh) produced one of the most spectacular displays ever seen by a novice at this competition, scoring a towering 564. This score took her onto Edinburgh's record breaking senior team and (rules permitting) would have seen her finish third lady recurve. Law left the other lady novices trailing over 50 behind, breaking the BUSA/BUCS record by 20 and All Unis records by 12. Nottingham dominated the rest of the ladies novice field with Monica Pelegri second on 512, Hannah Byrne fourth on 506 and Laura Bell fifth on 505. Emma Peck (Kent) grabbed bronze with 508. Two more lady novices broke the 500 mark, with Alice Rees (Lancaster) and Maria Papallou (Imperial) sixth and seventh.

Compound saw Matthew Arnold (Nottingham Trent) score a whopping 593 to win, just a point off last year's mark, scored by this year's silver medallist Phil Glover (Loughborough) who "only" scored 590. The leading pair were a long way out in front - Neil Bowley (Nottingham) picked up third with 578 with Tim Nash (London) fourth on 575. Ladies compound was very fiercely contested - with only five entrants, the top three were separated by a single point. Maggie Ziriax (Edinburgh) won the title with 556 and 19 golds as aganist 556 and 17 from Hannah Temple (Liverpool). In third, Ali Sewell (Edinburgh) scored 555. The leading novice compounds were Jack Laker (Swansea) 523 and Lucie Robertson (Edinburgh) 524.

There were actually more barebows than compounds at BUCS Indoors 2009. Andrew Tappenden (Swansea) won gents barebow with 526, 12 clear of Samuel Knight (Bath). Mark Henderson (Birmingham) was third with 509 ahead of Chris Watters (Aberdeen) fourth on 498, but nearly 80 clear of fifth. Ladies barebow was a good bit closer with Helen Bundy (Derby) on 494 ahead of a 490 from Andrea Bastin (Loughborough). Estee Tsang (Bangor) scored 465, exactly 50 clear of Georgina King (Reading). Top novices were Michael Photakos (Essex) on 472 and Amyce Smith-Bannister (Bath) on 463 who broke the ladies novice barebow records for BUSA/BUCS and All Unis.

Tom Goodwin (Loughborough) won for the home side in gents longbow with 401. James Cram (Birmingham) edged Tom Cram (Loughborough) 370 to 368 silver and bronze. Adrian Heaven was fourth for Lancaster. Ladies longbow was very close with a 355 from Maszatul Mansor (Sheffield) just enough to see off a 353 from Emma Broxholme (Lancaster). Both novice longbow winners broke their BUSA/BUCS and All Unis records, Alec Geoghegan (Loughborough) on 373 and Kate Barnes (Bangor) 241.

Thanks to Loughborough and James Cowie for taking on this huge tournament, the inaugural BUCS Indoor Championships especially as they hosted BUSA Indoors as recently as 2005. Records are now available in the Resources section, with BUCS Indoors inheriting the old BUSA marks - six of these have gone already with both team scores being broken and lady novice categories being kept particularly busy. The results summary page has also now been updated. As the dust settles on this, thoughts inevitably turn to the beast that will be BUCS Indoors 2010 - can your club host it? Even if you're not sure, get in touch with the SMG for more details.

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