League Catch Up pt 2/4 BUTTS [20/Mar/09]

Reviewed below are last three BUTTS league matches and the Indoor Championship. Warwick eventually emerged as BUTTS League champions, just ahead of Nottingham who had led for most of the season. Nottingham did however claim the Novice League title by a wide margin.

In the first match, hosted by Oxford on Sat 31st Jan, Nottingham were lifted to 2218 courtesy of 587 from George Harding, Rhys Rhodes on 550. Robert Fryers (Cambridge) and Samuel Johnson (Oxford) both top scored with 551 for their respective sides, Cambridge eventually squeezing Oxford into third by a solitary point 2154 to 2153. James Cowie's 569 and Chris Norburn's 559 saw Loughborough assemble a total of 2137 but pick up just a solitary point despite a mid 530s team average.

A week later in Cambridge, the Light Blues were in much more convincing form with 2227, led by Fryers again, this time with a 575 and a 563 from Carrie Oliver. Loughborough scored 2144, enough to come second this time, Cowie and Norburn again their leading scorers, a few points either side of 560. Birmingham were easily third with 2060, leaving Derby trailing in fourth.

The final 4-way league match was held at Derby over the Sat 14th and Sun 15 Feb. This effectively became two mini-matches as Derby and under-strength Cambridge battled it out for third, Cambridge scraping a 1911 to 1906 win. Nottingham and Warwick meanwhile went head to head for first. A Nottingham win would have put them two league points clear heading into the Indoor Champs and overwhelming favourites for the title. In the end 584 and 567 from Harding and Rhodes put Nottingham to 2231 but Warwick scored 2236 thanks to 570s from Philip King and Alex Stuart.

In the novice matches, Nottingham won both their matches comfortably, scoring 1865 and an impressive 2030 to do so, Laura Bell and Chris Fry their leading scorers. Cambridge won at home narrowly at home to Birmingham and Loughborough and comfortably against an incomplete Derby side. Derby got their revenge a week later though, as Cambridge fielded an incomplete side.

League points scoring at BUTTS League matches is 4-3-2-1, with points at the Indoors 7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Going in to BUTTS Indoors, Nottingham held a one league point lead over Warwick, but had a slightly lower aggregate, which meant that a win for Warwick would make them champions, even if Nottingham were to finish second. In the novice table Nottingham held a two point lead over Oxford.

BUTTS Indoor champs were in Warwick on Sat 24th Feb and it proved a spectacular day for the home side as they crashed in a score of 2296, a new BUTTS record, with all four team members in the 570s, Chris Wells 579, Phil King 577, Alex Stuart 570 and Chris Butler 570. Nottingham were not able to respond, carding 2221, George Harding on 579, Rhys Rhodes and Joe Wright in the 550s. Cambridge however also shot 2221 (Robert Fryers 571 and Philip Sterne 560) and actually finished second, ahead of Nottingham on golds, 112 plays 107. Loughborough finished fourth ahead of Oxford 2184 to 2175, top scorers Chris Norburn and David Longworth on 561 each. Birmingham and Derby were sixth and seventh. Individually George Harding beat Chris Wells 40 golds to 39, both on 579 with Phil King third on 577. Heather Reynolds (Cambridge) was top lady on 547.

In the novice team event, Nottingham were the winners with 2001 and won their first ever BUTTS title. Cambridge on 1969 and Warwick on 1943 completed the leading group. Oxford, who were Nottingham's only realistic challengers for the Novice League title slipped to sixth in the Champs, but narrowly held on to second place in the table, on aggregate from Warwick, both on 15 league points as against Nottingham's 22. The top novices on the day were Alex Hill (Loughborough) 535, Chris Fry (Nottingham) 530, both of whom made their senior sides. Fifth gent novice Bill Varney, also top scored for Derby's senior side with 514. Top lady novice was Rachel Grandey (Oxford) with 512.

Warwick were able to retain their title, after a wobble in the first match, slowly clawing back Nottingham's advantage and culminating with a massive score at home to the take the title. Nottingham did gain some consolation by winning the novice title very comfortably indeed. To find out more you can also see the excellent BUTTS website, in particular BUTTS 08/09 stats.

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