League Catch Up pt 4/4 - SEAL and SWWU [11/Apr/09]

In this article the southern leagues' matches are reviewed, 2 SWWU matches and 4 SEAL matches, with three of those matches extracted from the BUCS Indoors scores.

Starting in SEAL, unbeaten Surrey played host to Imperial (also unbeaten) and Reading on Sat 31st Jan. Although nothing could be mathematically decided by this match, a win for Surrey would leave them in a very powerful position with one match to play. Surrey did eke out a 17 point win 2172 plays 2155, echoed by the clubs' top scorers Matthew Sharpe (Surrey) edging Jordan Muscatello (Imperial) 566 to 562, Matthew Brown (Surrey) chipping in with 552. Reading were a very long way behind in third, but their fortunes did improve as they beat Brunel on Sat 7th Feb. London actually won this match with 1964, Reading on 1799 and Brunel on 1687, despite 544 from match top scorer Marc Bibby (Brunel). Imperial and London both won their novice matches fairly easily with 1212 and 1328 respectively.

Bath hosted the second SWWU match on Sat 14th Feb and once again came out on top after a very close battle with Swansea. Bath scored exactly 2100 to Swansea's 2078, although Shaun Mudd (Swansea) grabbed the individual honours with 560 ahead of 554 from Dan Maskell (Bath). Swansea turned the tables in the novice match with a 1430 beating Baths's 1324.

The following day Imperial took on Kent and London in Kent. Whilst home side Kent had the top individual in the match, with Sam Perkins' 572, Imperial's greater strength in depth carried them to a 22 point win, 2183 played 2161, with Jordan Muscatello and Rhys Coombs contributing 560 and 555 respectively. London were third with 1956. The novice fixture was another close run thing with Imperial coming out on top 1350 to 1331, Kent again with the top novice Emma Peck on 509 against Imperial's Maria Papallou on 494.

Three matches were extracted from BUCS Indoors scores, specifically, Brunel v Essex v Surrey, Reading v Southampton v Sussex and the third Bath v Exeter v Swansea of the year. Southampton's surprise fourth place overall was courtesy of a 2219, enough to see off Reading by 300 with Sussex once again a DNS. Southampton's top scorers were Robert King 569 and Laura Bridel 560. The other match was considerably closer with Surrey needing victory against Essex and Brunel to guarantee them the SEAL title. Essex put in by far their best performance of the campaign with a 2133, Michael Judd on 568, but it was not quite enough to dislodge Surrey who scored 2168, Matthew Sharpe on 563. Brunel were third with 2037. The SWWU leg was won narrowly by Bath with 2172 ahead of Swansea's 2143 with Bath third on 2047. Amy Lavery with 563 and Dan Maskell with 559 were Bath's top scorers with a remarkable 554 from novice Peter Haines leading Swansea home. The scores from BUCS seem to have brought out the best in nearly all of the teams. The novice matches produced wins for Essex, Southampton and Bath.

The final SEAL match of the season was Southampton v Imperial v Essex. All three sides were locked together 9 league points in the novice league - a genuine winner takes all situation looked in prospect. Unfortunately Essex were a DNS, still finishing third in the novice table. In the senior league, Imperial could finish second in the table by scoring 2062 or more, now that they were guaranteed at least 2 league points from the match. They did so easily with 2161 Jordan Muscatello top scorer yet again with 573. However it was not enough to win the match as Southampton's late season charge continued with a 2164 to snatch a win in the match and grab fourth place in the overall senior table. The novice match was Imperial v Southampton for the title and saw Imperial fire in an imposing 1527 with all three novices over 500. Despite a 538 from Josh Price, Southampton finished second with 1401.

Remaining matches are a fourth SWWU leg on Sat 9th May, at Swansea, the round probably a Western (all details TBC) and SEAL Outdoor Champs.

Surrey's winning of SEAL senior league title with four wins from four matches may at first glance appear untroubled, but with winning margins of 34, 5, 17 and 35, Surrey have been made to sweat for all their wins. They were also fortunate to play Southampton early in the season. Imperial just pipped Kent to second, Kent excellent in their debut season. Southampton were fourth and having shot sub 2000 in their early matches finished with a flourish, inclduing breaking 2200. Imperial won the novice title well with Southampton second. Essex were third, despite a DNS which denied them a shot a debut title. As for SWWU, Bath have things more or less sewn up assuming the 9th May is the last match of the season. But like Surrey, Bath have had close matches winning by 13, 22 and 29 points all against Swansea. Bath are favourites to make it a double with the novice title too.

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