Warwick 1-1 Birmingham [16/Nov/18]

West Midlands heavyweights Warwick and Birmingham exchanged early season blows, with Warwick taking BUTTS leg 1 and Birmingham taking E-League round 1. Loughborough's performance did enough to ensure that it may not be a two-horse race.

In the BUTTS league fixture, Warwick ran in the first 2300 of the season with 2313 to win by 34 points. Birmingham shot 2279 in second, but were pursued all the way by Loughborough, who were less than an arrow value behind on 2271. Roughly 100 points further back, Oxford scored 2172 to finish fourth - the best Dark Blue BUTTS result for 3 years - narrowly ahead of Nottingham's 2165.

Top individuals were William Pike (Warwick) and Eleanor Piper (Birmingham) who hit 582 and 580 respectively. James Gardner, Enrik Nako and Sherman Ip (the rest of Warwick's team) shot high to mid 570s. Rebekah Tipping (Birmingham) hit 575 with William Croydon (Loughborough) on 571 with their respective team-mates Jamal Rahman (Birmingham), Rebecca Radcliffe and Adam Wozencroft (both Loughborough) adding totals in the mid to low 560s.

In the novice match Birmingham were clear in first with Cambridge a good second, team of 4 novice team totals of 1809 and 1723. Thomas Burridge (Cambridge) was by far the top scorer in 527.

The BUTTS 2018/19 tables look pretty much as you would expect after 1 match. BUTTS have a Non-Recurve leg on Saturday 17th November with the first half of BUTTS league match 2 the following day Sunday 18th November and the second half on the Sunday after that.

In E-League Round 1 the top were reversed as Birmingham took top spot ahead of Warwick. In an uneven Round 1 in Division 1, Liverpool were a long way behind in third, leading the chasing pack. Leading A team in Division 2 was Exeter, whilst Bristol, Nottingham and Central Lancashire A sides lead Divisions 3, 4 and Conference. Warwick lead the compound division, whilst Cambridge are top ahead of Napier in Novice Division 1. Callum Platt and Eleanor Piper (both Birmingham) were top individual recurves, Piper winning her 5th E-League round all told.

See the E-League website for results. E-League Round 2 is November and scores for this can be submitted any time up until Wednesday 5th December.

Elsewhere results from SWWU match 1 and the first batch of NEUAL fixtures are being confirmed. Exeter and Durham have posted the highest totals, with Durham, Sheffield and Keele the individual match winners.

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