SSS double for Napier [25/Nov/18]

From the weekend of the 17th/18th November, SSS match 2 and the second set of NEUAL fixtures, (E2 and W2) took place.

In Scotland, Napier took maximum points, winning the match by a fraction with 2101. Close behind, but in second place were Strathclyde on 2095. Edinburgh's 2076 saw them place third, with St Andrews in fourth place on 2034. Andreas Nicolaou (Napier) led his team home with 569, whilst Paul Ross (St Andrews) and Panayiotis Milona (Edinburgh) scored 567 and 562. Top scorer in the match however was Guillaume Andrieux (Glasgow) on 574.

Napier and Strathclyde recorded large increases against match 1 (150 and 100 points respectively) whilst Edinburgh and St Andrews were down (by roughly 75 and 130) in match 2 and the upshot of the results from this match is that the league table has concertinaed. Edinburgh, St Andrew and Strathclyde are now all tied on 27 points, with Napier (who followed a 6th with a 1st) on 25. Despite not yet winning a match, Edinburgh will be top at Christmas, but only on aggregate. Since SSS adopted the all vs all format in 2011/12, this season may well be the first time that three different teams win SSS fixtures in the same season.

Napier also won the novice fixture, the first time a club other than Edinburgh has ever done such a senior/novice team double. Napier (1377), Edinburgh (1366) and Heriot-Watt (1358) were all sandwiched within 20 points. Ashley Hess (Napier) was comfortably the top novice in the match, pushing her side to victory with 511.

Roses clubs York and Lancaster were the winners of NEUAL matches E2 and W2. York scored 2061, with Hull a few points shy of 1900. Match W2 was the closest NEUAL match of the season with 115 points splitting first to last/third. Lancaster's tally of 2006 was enough for the 3-time former champions against local rivals Central Lanashire on 1921, with Salford 30 points further behind. One oddity of these matches was that the highest scorer in each case shot for the team who finished third out of three. Thomas Braxton (Leeds) scored 572, whilst Andrew Johnstone (Salford) hit a 561. In the parallel novice matches, Hull and Salford both won by massive margins.

For results and updated tables, see the SSS 2018/19 page and the NEUAL 2018/19 page.

What's next? SSS is now closed until the new year. Things kick off again with all sides heading to Heriot-Watt on Sat 19th Jan. As for NEUAL, there are/were three matches this weekend (24th/25th Nov) including the return of (NUTC winners) Northumbria. Those matches are Leeds vs Sheffield vs Bradford, UCLan vs Keele vs Chester and Newcastle vs Sunderland vs Northumbria.

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