Battle for NEUAL - Part 2 [14/Mar/19]

All 17 NEUAL clubs headed to Sheffield on Sat 2nd Mar for the conclusion of the 2018/19 NEUAL campaign.

Durham headed in to the Indoor Championships with 4 wins out of 4 and a maximum possible 80 points. Bradford had 79, having dropped their only point to Durham at BUCS Qualifying two weeks previously, losing by the tiny margin of 0 points and 8 golds. However, Bradford had a higher match aggregate (8747-8404) meaning that victory at the Indoors (by any margin) would guarantee either team the overall NEUAL crown.

A chasing pack of York (76), Liverpool (75) and UCLan (74) would have to rely on both the top two seriously slipping up.

On the day itself, there were delays with the arrival of bosses and stands, which led to the sessions being shortened to 4 dozen arrows to make sure of finishing before the hall closed. Not an ideal scenario but better than having the afternoon archers under time pressure that morning archers were not.

With only 48 arrows to express themselves, archersí scores are obviously 20% lower than one might expect. Regardless, it was Bradford who steamed clear on 1741 (projected final score 2176) to win both the Indoor Champs and the overall NEUAL title for the very first time. UCLan squeaked ahead of Durham, 1719 to 1710 (2149 to 2138). York were fourth on 1688 (2110) - the White Roses were defending champions and stayed third ahead of UCLan on match aggregate.

Top individual scores from the Indoor Champs also require adjustment. Matthew Gardiner (Bradford) and Matthew Likely (Durham) both ended the day on 455 (568), with Thomas Braxton (Leeds) top overall on 459 (574). Elsewhere in the match Andrew Johnstone (Salford) hit 452 (565), one ahead of Joshua Green (UCLan).

In terms of league points, Bradford ended the season on 99, with Durham on 98, York and UCLan on 93. Bradford are one of the original members of NEUAL and are the 6th different side to have won NEUAL - and the 4th different side in the last 4 years. They have previously finished runners up three times (2005, 2016 and 2017). Durham are also one of the original NEUAL members, and have yet to win the overall title, but second is their best finish for some time. Like Bradford, Durham have now been runners up three times (2003, 2006 and 2019).

Heading in to the parallel novice Indoor Champs, Durham appeared to be strong favourites to convert their dominance in to their first ever novice title. They had a maximum 100 points and a match aggregate of 6377, nearly 900 more than anyone else. Only Sunderland, with 97 points were really within touching distance, with the lead of chasing pack, Keele, on 91. At full strength, virtually all Durham had to do was turn up.

However, Durham fielded only one novice and plunged to 12th, leaving Sunderland an open goal. In the fixture itself, Newcastle finished on 1033 (projected 1291) just a fraction ahead of Sunderland's 1029 (1286). Hull were a distant third on 957 (1196) but were themselves comfortably ahead of the rest of the field.

Any frustration Sunderland might have felt at narrowly missing out at gold on the day will be comfortably set aside by the fact they became NEUAL novice league champions. The final margin was a full 7 points - Sunderland's consistency - in particular 2nd in all three Championship rounds - scored them 116 ahead of Durham's 109. Newcastle's win meant they jumped from 5th to 3rd overall, despite being 5 and 6 points behind the teams above them and meant a Northern Conference sweep of the novice league podium.

The NEUAL 2018/19 page shows results and updated tables in full.

Bradford's seniors and Sunderland's novices can both celebrate maiden titles, although Bradford did also win the novice title in 2016. Durham meanwhile can look back on a successful NEUAL campaign, despite the relative disappointment right at the end. Returning club Northumbria produced an uneven campaign - sometimes strong, sometimes less so, but look as though they are back in business as a club.

One match, E4, Leeds vs Huddersfield was postponed and should be shot soon - the winners will rise to 10th overall, the runners up will be 11th.

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