Battle for NEUAL - Part 1 [13/Mar/19]

Before we look at the wave of recent NEUAL results that have been published, a quick note on the situation in SEAL. Four of the intended five bits of SEAL match 5 were shot on weekend of 9th/10th Mar. At the top of the results, London beat Imperial by 10, 2155-2145. This would mean Imperial and London go level on 69 points and Imperial would be champions on match aggregate 10715-10646. However with Southampton and Portsmouth still to enter scores, there is the possibility that either (or even both) could beat Imperial but not London (by scoring in between 2145 and 2155). In that scenario, Imperial would drop to 68 (or even 67) points and London will be champions. Could it happen? Since Christmas, Southampton have scored 2121 and 2108 with Portsmouth on 1962 and 2055. All eyes will therefore be on the Portsmouth v Southampton varsity match on 24th Mar.

From way back before the BUCS qualifiers, there were three, previously unpublished sets of match results, E5, W5 and W6. In match E5, Bradford scored 2199, missing out on 2200 by a single point for the second time this season. They swept away Hull and Huddersfield. Liverpool won W5 but score-wise they stumbled to 1858. Liverpool improved to 2047, to win W6 a week later. The jump was fortunate for them as Keele scored 1925 in W6. Hull, Chester and Keele won the respective novice matches. Match W6 saw all three clubs field only one novice each. By far the top scorer across the three matches was Matthew Gardiner (Bradford) who rattled in 588. There also scores of 561 from Matthew David (Bradford) and Arfan Khan (Liverpool) in W6. Best novice score was Danny Madden (Keele) on 475.

Seniors: UCLan & Liverpool 59 (3)... Bradford, Durham, York 40 (2)
Novices: Sunderland 78 (4), Hull 77 (4)... Durham 60 (3)

In many ways, NEUAL has its origins in the city of Edinburgh, with some NEUAL clubs travelling to shoot as guests in SSS matches before NEUAL got going.

Napier hosted the most northerly ever English regional league fixture at BUCS Northern Qualifier. Bradford, Durham, Northumbria and York were defending unbeaten records going in to the event (albeit Northumbria did record a DNS) and they proved the top 4 teams. Durham and Bradford could barely be separated – both teams scored 2178 and so it went to golds, where Durham came out on top 102 to 94. Matthew Gardiner (Bradford) hit 576 whilst Durham duo Matthew Likely and Lewis Mack scored 572 and 565 in response. Northumbria were just behind the leaders on 2169, powered by the top two individuals Bryony Pitman and Alex Wise on 587 and 582. York and Liverpool were a little further back on 2124 and 2108. Elsewhere in the match, Thomas Braxton (Leeds) scored 578.

Durham’s novices won convincingly with 1402, over 100 clear of the competition. Sunderland, Newcastle and Teesside were next, scoring high medium and low 1200s - 1290, 1248 and 1223. Mohamad Kassim (Northumbria) was top individual novice on 531 as NEUAL’s northernmost clubs prospered at the even more northerly venue.

Seniors: Liverpool 75 (4), UCLan 74 (4)... Durham 60 (3), Bradford 59 (3)
Novices: Sunderland 97 (5), Keele 91 (5)... Durham 80 (3)

Before the decisive Indoor Championships, there were the final three league matches, E7, W7 and N6. In N6, Durham were up against the dangerous Northumbria. Both sides were understrength, but this affected Northumbria far more and although Durham only racked up 1971 they won easily. Match W6 was only contested by 6 recurves in total – Lancaster’s trio beating Chester’s. Match E7 saw Bradford face York. Bradford had dropped 1 point and York 3 in BUCS qualifying and neither could afford to concede further ground on Durham. Bradford took the match 2171 to 2050. Bradford’s Matthews were again the high scorers, with 578 from Gardiner and 566 from David. York’s novices got some revenge beating Bradford in a thriller, 1227 plays 1222. Chester and Durham won the other novice matches unopposed and almost unopposed. Top novice across these matches was Alex Robertson (Durham) on 494.

Seniors (all 4): Durham 80, Bradford 79, York 76, Liverpool 75, UCLan 74
Novices (all 5): Durham 100, Sunderland 97, Keele 91, Liverpool 90

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