Corona Cancellations [23/Mar/20]

The advent of Covid 19-related social distancing and self-isolation has brought UK student archery (amongst other things) to a grinding halt, see the 2019/20 Season Calendar. Many clubs have suspended practice sessions too. Self-evidently the UKSAA website should not be regarded as a source of medical advice, but do stay at home and wash your hands thoroughly. Hopefully you were washing your hands anyway.

The most high profile of the Covid 19 cancellations is BUTC. The tournament will be absent from the schedules for the first time since before it began, in 2003. The 2020 edition was to have been hosted by Bristol on Saturday 9th May. This would have been during the outdoor season, and potentially also during exam season for some universities - that is obviously irrelevant now, but it is discussed in more detail on the BUTC Tournament Info page.

Today, E-League Round 5 has also been shelved. The final E-League standings will therefore be as they were at the end of Round 4. In truth it is unlikely the top three recurve teams (1st Warwick, 2nd Birmingham, 3rd Oxford) would have changed positions anyway, although the same cannot be said for the compound (1st De Montfort) or novice (1st Nottingham) tables. It is also a shame for the organisers in the BUCS EMG, however they have done an excellent job reviving the E-League this season.

The Calendar page is up-to-date with the latest scheduling changes. DMU v Leicester varsity, NEUAL Indoor Champs (which would have been in Sunderland on 29th Mar) are both off, as is SSS Outdoors and H2H (Edinburgh, 18th-19th Apr).

Cambridge v Oxford varsity and NEUAL Outdoor Champs are both scheduled for the 10th May and have not been cancelled - yet. BUCS Outdoors is scheduled for the weekend of the 13th-14th June.

SWWU were organising up to 4 outdoor matches, but these will now not happen. SWWU organisers have confirmed that if BUCS Outdoors happens, then that will be used as a 5th SWWU match. If it doesn't, the league will conclude as it stands - Plymouth currently have big leads in both recurve tables and are heavy favourites to win both titles for the first time.

NEUAL still has two matches (W2 and W6) unshot, with a decision about these pending. Other NEUAL results, from matches that have been shot, have not yet been published. NEUAL uses results from BUCS qualifying as an additional round, with points from 20 downwards.

SSS, SEAL and BUTTS seasons are all presumed finished. The SSS finale has already been reviewed, see Napier claim SSS crown. Reviews of BUTTS Indoor Champs and SEAL match 5 will follow, having been delayed by BUCS, BUTC and Covid 19 shenanigans.

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