Head to Heads [26/Feb/08]

The closing date for entries to BUTC has passed and the competition was significantly oversubscribed. With 32 spaces available, the first 32 "A" teams to enter get priority, with "B" teams filling up any remaining spaces in order of entry. Thus the teams with spaces are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Bath A, Birmingham A&B, Bradford A, Cambridge A&B, Chester A, Durham A&B, Edinburgh A&B, Imperial A&B, Keele A, Lancaster A, Leeds A, Liverpool A&B, Loughborough A, Napier A&B, Nottingham A, Oxford A, St Andrews A&B, Sheffield A, Surrey A, Swansea A, Warwick A&B, York A&B. There is a waiting list of B teams, so if one (or both) of your club's teams has to withdraw for any reason, then contact event organiser Ruth Bedder ASAP so the space can be filled. Waiting list is (in order) Surrey B, Leeds B, Bath B, Keele B, Loughborough B, Bradford B, Nottingham B, Lancaster B, Chester B and Sheffield B [corr.].

Of course BUTC is not the only university head to head competition. Over the weekend, the SUS H2H Event took place. This is a handicapped pairs event (top qualifier paired with bottom qualifier, etc.). This event, in its second year at Dundee was a lively contest. In the final Jonathan Li and Dan Wielding (Strathclyde/Napier) beat Anna Basista and David Mundy (Napier/St Andrews), the match within a point until the final pass. Matt Beattie and Edmond Cham (Abertay/Napier) were third. Full results in the SUS section.

A reminder to everyone that we hope to have an Regional League Team competition in the summer over 70m. Teams of three gent recurves, three lady recurves and three compounds will do battle at a date and place to be decided.

In the real world, the British Champs took place on the weekend of the 18th February. As ever there are too many great individual performances to talk about them all. Highlights include Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh) beating former team mate Emma Downie in the bronze medal match for ladies recurve, and Pete Clayton (Durham), who recently broke the All Unis Gents Portsmouth record, getting to the semi-finals of Gents Recurve, finished 4th. Edinburgh also served up a warning to their rivals for BUSA by winning the national team title by a full 73 points - a team of four FITA 18 score of 2176. See the GNAS website article, results on the GNAS website and the BBC Sport article

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