Easter Updates [27/Mar/08]

The BUSA Indoors and BUTC double header is well and truly over with Edinburgh Warwick leading the field home first and second both times. Surrey and Nottingham picked up maiden bronze medals for their respective performances and you can now read both reviews in the Editorials section. But the two nationals did not quite mark the end of the uni indoor season.

February's ELeague scores were published just before BUTC. February's is the penultimate round of fixtures, but there are some clubs who can pop the champagne already. Edinburgh Warwick finished 1 2 for the fourth month in a row - and given that Edinburgh's BUSA record busting 2291 will feature in March's scores, a last minute Edinburgh collapse is now effectively impossible. Cambridge go into the last month with only a one point advantage over Imperial. Loughborough A are certain to go up from Senior Div 2 with Surrey A likely to join them. Liverpool A are top of Div 3 with maximum points, Swansea A similar in Div 4 - both will ply their trade a division higher next year. Edinburgh are almost home in Novice Div 1, Nottingham will finish second. Warwick A and probably Napier A will join them in Novice Div 1 next year, although Leeds A are still in touch. Exeter however sit bottom of Senior and Novice Div 1 and need good March scores to save themselves. March scores must be in by Sat 5th Apr.

Elsewhere, Edinburgh SUS strength side won SUS Indoors comfortably with 2160 featuring a 566 from Erik Rowbotham. Strathclyde were second on 2030, Napier secured bronze but not quite 2000 points. Edinburgh's novice team category almost broke 1600 to leave Napier trailing in second, Napier themselves well clear. Edinburgh's full strength side would have scored 2269 as against 2131 (less than SUS strength Edinburgh) from a Rest-of-SUS-put-together team, Stefan Hafner (Strathclyde), David Rae (Napier), Martin Eggert (N Aberdeen) and Eilidh Marshall (Dundee).

In Ireland, UC Dublin won the IIVL despite the close attentions of NUI Galway. UCD won the last two legs with 2546 and 2597 to finish with a season aggregate of 17870, less than 200 clear of NUI Galway, who had broken the IIVL record with 2605 earlier in the season. UCD's consistency kept them over 2500 in all seven matches as they ended Dublin IT's four year run as champions. Limerick were third in both of the final two matches and in the final table.

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