E-League ups and downs [10/Oct/11]

With the first round now in its 40th day and with the first batch of inter university fixtures now less than one month away, it's time to talk E-League. The E-League website has confirmed the list of promotions and relegations from the end of last year and there are a few talking points in amongst the 2 up, 2 downs.

Only one team, Southampton, managed to secure promotion into Senior Recurve Division 1. Bath were the second best A team in Division 2 (6th overall) but missed out as Surrey (9th in Division 1 last year) were saved by the higher average rule with 2149.2 as against Bath's 2145.4.

In Senior Recurve Division 4, Bradford A, Brunel A and York C all entered no scores for the year at all. Rather than attempt to pick just two of them, all three were relegated. Reading B (3rd in the Conference last year) were the lucky team to take advantage.

In fact there were a total 16 promotions and relegations across the senior recurve, novice recurve and compound divisions. Interestingly, the promotions were shared between only 9 clubs, with Southampton, Imperial, Reading, Essex, Nottingham Trent, Birmingham and Bath each toasting a double elevation. Astonishingly 11 out of the 16 relegations were suffered by NEUAL clubs, a testament to the problems of match hosting and result distribution that hit that league last year.

The E-League is very much a test of consistency throughout an entire season, for clubs and individuals alike, with five good scores rewarded far more than one blistering one. Whilst the E-League's structure can mean it lacks the dramatic punch of BUTC (or even BUCS Championships), performing well in the E-League is a sure sign of a quality.

See the E-League section of this website for full dates and information. Scores for round 1, September/October, can be shot until Monday 31st October and they must be submitted to the E-League website by Saturday 5th November.

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