Another 10 for Edinburgh [03/May/12]

Edinburgh picked up SUS Outdoors trophy on Sat 28th Apr, with a comfortable win on home turf. In doing so, they completed 10 years unbeaten at Scottish university senior team level. As it was in 2011, SUS Outdoors was a St George/Albion for seniors and an Albion/Windsor for the novices, with conditions variable.

Edinburgh were led home by Lizzie Bell whose score of 751 was enough to win ladies recurve ahead of second placed team mate Migle Petruskeviciute on 718. Piotr Wojtczuk (Napier) won gents recurve with 733, but Napier's total of 2305 was still a long way behind Edinburgh's 2830. Douglas Jardine (Edinburgh) was second placed gent on 693, whilst bronze medals went to Niall Kinsella (Napier) and Veronique Heijnsbroek (Aberdeen) respectively. Aberdeen were third on 2059. This is the sixth time in six SUS meetings that Napier have been second to Edinburgh, and the fourth time in six, that Aberdeen have also been in third.

There were only two senior compounds, but the competition was close, Hope Greenwood (Edinburgh) keeping Emily Blake (Robert Gordons) at bay 814 to 812.

The novice team event was very much a two horse race. Edinburgh and Napier were almost level after one distance, before creating a lead of over 80 after the second. At the shortest distance however, Napier began to rapidly made up ground, Edinburgh just holding on 1888 to 1874, Aberdeen third, but well adrift. Top individuals were Ben Arenas (Edinburgh) 635 and Kat McManus (Napier) 675.

At 58 competitors, this was actually one of the larger SUS Outdoor Championships, but it was disappointing to note that only 4 out of the 7 SUS clubs fielded complete senior teams. Heriot-Watt fielded only 2 archers despite being located in the same city whilst Dundee failed to attend at all. The season as a whole however has seen SUS more competitive and at a better level than in several years.

Final SUS results and tables are available. Matt Nowicki will be League Co-ordinator for the 2012/13 season, assisted again by Steve Wicks and Stewart Barclay.

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