Fifty up for Edinburgh [06/Mar/12]

Edinburgh won the SUS Indoor Championships in St Andrews on Saturday with Napier second. The same two teams finished in the same order in a closely contested novice team event.

Edinburgh's winning total was 2230, with a 575 from Margaux Mesle and 561 from Migle Petruskeviciute also enough for first and second lady recurve. In the process Edinburgh recorded their 50th consecutive senior team win in SUS. They are now unbeaten since summer 2002. Napier finished runners up to their city rivals for the fifth time in five matches with 2163 with a 559 from Piotr Wojtczuk winning him gents bronze. Gents silver went to Jamie Paton (Strathclyde) who scored 573 to guide his side to 2071 and third place. Erik Rowbotham (Edinburgh) shot 576 to win gents recurve and Lizzie Bell (Edinburgh) shot 556 for ladies bronze, but neither individual was considered for Edinburgh's SUS strength team score.

In the novice team category there was a genuine fight for team gold. Napier scored 1553 to lay down a challenge, but Edinburgh had enough to beat it, amassing a total of 1583. Jean Disset (Napier) was first novice gent on 544 ahead of Ben Arenas (Edinburgh) second on 531. Anton Weber (Napier) was third on exactly 500. Stephanie Clason (Edinburgh) won ladies novice convincingly with 542. Ami Patrick (Edinburgh) pipped Anja Keicher (Napier) to silver 510 to 509. Edinburgh and Napier's teams were composed of the individual medal winners. Dundee were third novice team in the match, but were 300 points behind on 1250.

See the team scores on the SUS tables page.

Callum McMeekin (Edinburgh), a novice compound, scored a whopping 567 to break the existing All Uni comps record for that discipline set back in February 2003.

By winning this tournament, Edinburgh made it 50 consecutive league match and chamionship wins at SUS senior team level. SUS Outdoors 2012 will be on Saturday 30th April at Edinburgh as the home side seek number 51 and the completion of a decade unbeaten.

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